Different types of VPS hosting

Finding the correct web hosting for you isn't simple. There is a long list of elements to consider. You may have the experience of going through some web hosting companies. In spite of that, it is confusing as to which sort of server is correct one for you. Here, we are talking about different types…

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Why Cloud VPS better than traditional VPS hosting?

In this era of web-based services, Cloud computing is a technology that has helped several business and corporate industries to manifolds. Every other service is based on the cloud nowadays. Here are the top reasons why Cloud VPS stands at a better position than traditional VPS hosting: Better tracking of services If you happen to…

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Why your website need an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are the foundation of site security. They are imperative for online visibility for any business. More so during 2018, SSL’s enable somebody's program to connect a safe connection with your server. It gives surety that the data is safely exchanged between source and destination. You will know if a website is SSL secure by…

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10 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

Why website loading speed matters? The loading speed of a website is one of the most important aspects in determining how popular and well ranked a website would be by search engines. Google is the industry giant when it comes to search engines and it's paramount that your website is given a good rank by…

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