High-Performance Dedicated Server Hosting

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers with Intel Xeon E5 processors for Ultimate performance. UK and Netherlands Data Centers to choose from.

  • 1 Gbps Network
  • Intel Xeon E5 Processors
  • Free DDOS Protection!
  • Full Root Access
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Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers

Netherlands Dedicated Servers

Up to 16 Core Intel Processors

Starting at


UK Dedicated Servers

Up to 20 Core Intel Processors

Starting at


GPU Dedicated Servers

RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation Graphics

Starting at


Storage Dedicated Servers

Up to 64 TB Storage & Unmetered Traffic

Starting at


15 Years of Crafting Excellence

"It certainly seems like everyone who talks about this company has something positive to say"


"If you’re looking for fantastic service on a smaller budget, Veeble is the web host for you."


"24/7 customer service is impressive, I’ve contacted a friendly, helpful operator several times by live chat."

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Check Out Our Fully Managed Dedicated Servers!

With prices starting at just  $164 per month, you can enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade hardware, robust security measures, and expert management, all backed by our dedicated support team.

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Why Veeble Dedicated Server Hosting?

Get hosted at Veeble for a full featured experience.

24/7 Priority Support

We are always here to assist you, may it be 12 at night or 4 in the morning. Our technical team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

Full Root/Administrator Access

All our VPS comes with full root administrative access so that you have got full control over it.

Renewal Price Guarantee

We offer you an unmatched price guarantee for renewal of Dedicated Servers. Renew your service at no additional cost charged to you!

Uptime Guarantee

Our highly integrated, well-engineered Dedicated Servers guarantee to give you 99.9% server uptime.

Multiple Locations

Multiple Global Datacenter Locations to choose from for your Dedicated Server.

Fully Customizable

We have fully customizable and upgradable, high availability Dedicated Servers to meet your highest demands.

R-DNS Management

Set and modify rDNS anytime from the management panel or by contacting our support.

Flexible Payment Options

We have made it extremely easy for our clients to make the payments. View the available payment options here.

Management Panel

Easily manage your Dedicated Server with our intuitive management panel

Intel Xeon E5

The perfect solution for your high-performance computing needs. Advance your business in the cost-effective way.

Big Storage

We offer both SSD and HDD for your storage needs. With SSD, you get blazing fast read/write and HDD gets you huge storage capacity.

RAID Configuration

We offer both software and hardware RAID configurations to maximize the storage capacity and reduce the risk of data loss.

Server Management Panel

Easy Dedicated Server Management Panel

A fully integrated Server Management panel that gives you full administrative access from one place.

One Click Boot/Reboot/Shutdown

Readily manage your Netherlands Dedicated Server functionalities like Boot/Reboot/Shutdown in a single click

Easy Re-installation

Lets you easily reinstall your Netherlands Dedicated Server operating system at any time in a click

R-DNS Management

Set and modify rDNS anytime from the management panel

Assured Reliability with Renowned Datacenters

Verified and accredited to deliver any solution you require!!

With Veeble, your dedicated servers will be hosted at world's best datacenters.These datacenters have acquired infrastructure certification by ensuring all aspects of their infrastructure are built according to the standards. We are leading the way by adopting new compliance standards and delivering world-class service. With our superfast fibre network, we can promise low-latency massive capacity bandwidth connectivity at any location.

assured reliability
server level choice

Enjoy Server Level Choice at Veeble!

Customise Your Dedicated Server Hosting

Whether you run a small application, a medium-sized database, or a high-traffic website, we offer customized plans to match your business needs. We can help you customize any server configuration with the help of our expert team.

Get Bulk IP Dedicated Servers!

Veeble is the web hosting provider from whom you can buy Bulk IPs without any doubts!

If you require significant number of IP addresses for your operations, then we have got it covered for you. Get IPs and keep your website more secure with maximum scalability. To host multiple SSL sites, to retain performance of your website when one IP is not working, for email marketing, and to preserve your IP addresses while combining hosts having several IP addresses will be immensely beneficial. We can provide you with upto 256 IPs!

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high storage needs

Meet Your High Storage Needs!

Maximised Space to Store Your Data

Servers with large disk drives for archiving, backing up, or storing large volumes of data. Make sure your servers have the most efficient and durable disks. For all storage needs, we offer servers with a variety of storage capacities and write speeds. Veeble offers upto 64 TB storage space with your dedicated server. Choose our storage dedicated server and optimise the availability of your data!

Self Managed Dedicated Server Popular Uses

Choose Veeble bare metal dedicated servers if you have intensive workload and require large amount of power!

Big Data

Efficiently handle data-intensive tasks such as data-analytics and data mining with dedicated servers

Machine Learning

Get the computational power required to train complex models on large datasets!

Live Media Streaming

Dedicated servers can handle high network to deliver seamless streaming experiences!

Website and App Hosting

Ensure consistent performance, reliability, and security by dedicating all computing resources to a single user or organization.

Communication Apps

Enjoy necessary infrastructure and network connectivity for messaging platforms and video conferencing systems!

Business Applications

Host CRM, ERP, and data analytics software!

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Highly Rated Across Platforms

50000+ Happy Customers & Counting

The first place we turn to, in times when 24/7 availability is demanded, our company chooses no other Dedicated Hosting Company than Veeble. During the course of our lengthy relationship, they've come through each and every time.

Thomas Cassidy

Founder- All Urban Radio

Excellent response and solving of our problem. Veeble get our A+++++ recommendation as a provider and we look forward to work with them for a long time to come!

Rick Schulman

MD, Netmedix UK Ltd.

Hello Veeble, I just want to say thank you so much for good quality VPSs. You are the best VPS provider I've seen. I'm using your VPSs to make my streaming system as well. I will buy more VPS with you to keep my system growing.

Le Duc


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is dedicated hosting?
Dedicated hosting offers a single web hosting environment specifically to serve the needs of a single hosting. It's typically used by large organizations that receive high traffic. With dedicated hosting you can get complete control over your server. For this reason, this hosting service is opted by technically knowledgeable clients. You can customize and change configurations at will. As expected of a premium quality web hosting provider, we offer top level security, great performance and high speeds. The resources are specifically arranged and allotted to suit the needs of a single client. Meaning, you do not need to share it with others.
2. Who should buy Dedicated Server Hosting?
A dedicated server offers total control and power allowing you to manage your own server. It gives your website top level security, enhanced performance, reliability, custom configuration, custom firewall and more. If you are someone with good technical knowledge then a dedicated hosting server would be easier for you to manage. It’s typically used for websites that receive heavy traffic, complex applications and require strong security features.
Dedicated servers are mostly essential for large organizations and are more expensive. Let’s say you are a large organization and your website is no longer able to handle the extensive traffic. The web pages take more time to load and you are experiencing higher bounce rates. Such issues are a threat to your organization’s profit. To tackle such problems a dedicated server plan is a fix-all solution.
3. How long does it take to get the Server setup?
During business hours it takes just a few hours to get your server set up. The maximum time taken during non-business hours is between 24-48 hours. The time variations also depend on the server or system specifications requested by you. For example, if you have made any non- standard requests then the installation might take about 24-48 hours. You will then receive your login and configuration details. It is important to note that if your contact details are invalid or unverifiable then the set up time might be longer.
4. How can I access my server?
You can access your server using the detailed instructions sent to the email address provided by you. You can use our portal that instructs you to access your server.
5. Do I get full control of my dedicated server? Root access or administrator rights?
Dedicated server plans come with full root access to your server. You are free to manage it the way you wish.
6. What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my server plan?
You can easily upgrade or downgrade your free of cost with just a few hours notice. Your website is also not going to suffer from any downtime or interruptions. This is because Dedicated Smart Servers are highly flexible and easily scalable. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to upgrade some of the server hardware specifications such as CPU, RAM and hard disk without having to upgrade the server altogether.
7. Will there be any downtime upgrading my VPS to dedicated server hosting?
Our standard dedicated server hosting server configurations takes only a few minutes to be set up. Longer setup times are needed for custom configurations and add-ons.
8. Can I have an additional IP address if needed?
Depending on the plan you have selected, you can have a set number of IP addresses. However, you can have an unlimited number of IP addresses with our Bulk IP servers as long as you have given us a justification for your requirements.
9. Can you transfer/migrate my website from my existing provider?
We help you migrate free of cost with zero downtime. If you order Managed Dedicated Server plan we provide you with free licensed cPanel
10. Does your dedicated server solution offer HDD or SSD options?
Yes, our dedicated server solution offers HDD or SSD options. For the highest storage capacity you can select HDD. For those who have high demands for read-/write performance SSD is a better option as it is much faster.
11. How can I install My own OS?
You can install any operating system if you have selected a dedicated server plan. An OS of your choice can be installed using dedicated KVM.
12. Do I need to take a Backup of the data on the dedicated server?
Data backups will need to be performed by you if you take a dedicated server plan.
13. Can I resell the space on my server?
You can most definitely resell the space on your server. As long as you meet Veeble’s terms of service you can freely sell the space to others who want to host their websites without getting a dedicated server for themselves (Shared or Virtual Hosting). The amount you charge for hosting is also up to you.
14. If I want something customized that wasn’t part of the package, can Veeble help?
We can help you customize any server configuration with the help of our expert team. Our servers are all built by our own team and therefore we have full control over it. You can make your requests without any hesitation and we will deliver.
15. What is RAID and do you offer RAID with your dedicated servers?
RAID (short for redundant array of independent disks) is a method of storing data in different areas on solid state drives (SSD). It is a method adopted to protect data loss. RAID provides real-time backup. We offer RAID with our dedicated server plans. While ordering you can customize Software RAID or Hardware RAID.
16. What sort of maintenance do I get with a dedicated server?
When it comes to web hosting Veeble offers the best maintenance services. Any hardware failures will be taken care of without any charges. For software failures we offer reinstallation as long as we retain the root/administrative permissions. We will give the status of any lights or press the reset or power buttons upon request.
17. When I order a service, what is the duration of the contract?
When your plan is activated, the minimum duration of the contract is one month. You can renew the contract and choose different durations according to your requirements. We offer Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual or an Annual renewal period.
18. How can you offer true Dedicated Servers at such a low Price?
Veeble’s services are excellent and provided to you at exceptionally low prices. We own and operate our own colocation facility, buying bandwidth in large blocks, utilizing our own staff for maintenance and support. We buy hardware in bulk as well. When you place an order with us you are not just getting high speed web hosting, you are getting over 10 years of expertise. All this at unbeatable prices.

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