Cloud Storage

Store, share and sync your files in the secure cloud

Easy universal access

An advanced and easy-to-use web interface, desktop clients and mobile apps. Seamless Real-Time Collaboration with instant data access, regardless of size from any device, anywhere!

Utmost Security

A secure architecture with advanced encryption standards, rule-based access control, automatic brute force attack prevention, best-in-class ransomware protection and full security suites for privacy and security.

Seamless Integration

An integrated architectural approach that enables you to access and manage data from FTP, NFS, SharePoint, Windows Network Drive, Object storage and more.

Desktop APPs

Sync your Mac/Win/Linux PC to Cloud.

All changes you make to synced files and folders are simultaneously reflected in the server and all other connected devices.

Easily share your files with anyone by right-clicking on the file tab and creating a shareable public link or by email.

You will receive notifications automatically for incoming calls, messages, and comments on files or folders shared with you.


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Sync, edit, store and share your files using Android and iOS apps.

Android and iOS clients can access, sync and share all kinds of documents quickly and securely through an encrypted connection. The auto-backup feature once enabled, automatically uploads and synchronizes all photos and videos taken with the mobile device to the assigned account. Mobile clients are free to handle multiple accounts and are notified when a new event or activity happens on the server-side.


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