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Get an email address that matches your brand and increase your credibility with Veeble’s professional email hosting packages.

  • Secure Mailbox in Cloud
  • Webmail, SMTP, POP3, IMAP access
  • Advanced Spam & Virus filtering
  • Free File Storage
  • 24/7 Priority Support
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No of email accounts:

  • 10 GB Storage per Inbox
  • 2 GB file storage
  • Webmail, SMTP, POP3, IMAP access
  • Free Aliases and Forwards
  • Advanced Spam & Virus filtering

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No of email accounts:

  • 20 GB Storage per Inbox
  • 4 GB file storage
  • Webmail, SMTP, POP3, IMAP access
  • Free Aliases and Forwards
  • Advanced Spam & Virus filtering

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No of email accounts:

  • 50 GB Storage per Inbox
  • 10 GB file storage
  • Webmail, SMTP, POP3, IMAP access
  • Free Aliases and Forwards
  • Advanced Spam & Virus filtering

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Migrate to Veeble today

If you want to switch to Veeble’s email hosting, then you are in for a treat! Migrate for free with no downtime, zero delays in sending or receiving emails. Your contacts, calendars and even notes can be moved!

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Elevate your email communication with Google Workspace allowing seamless integration with other Google apps.

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Basic Email Hosting Features

Connect, Create and Access, all in one Suite.

Convenient Webmail

The Webmail doesn’t need additional setup and you can access your mail from any computer or device, without installing other applications.

Control Panel

Veeble’s control panel can be used easily. You can manage your email account much more efficiently. Customize your aliases and forwards. You can do all this and a lot more!

Advanced Spam Filtering

Our filtering solution was designed to facilitate communication among legitimate users while removing Spam & Viruses with an accuracy of 99%

Backup & Archiving

Our multi-layered backup system keeps your data safe for up to 1 month. We archive every message in every folder in case you accidentally erase something important.

Domain Alias

You can receive the e-mails destined for several domains at one unique Inbox through our Domain Aliasing feature.


We offer extremely fast SMTP, POP3 and feature-rich IMAP implementations on a variety of ports.

Professional Email For Everyone

Even without a website

With Veeble, you can build your brand easily with an email address to match your brand name. Whether you have a website or not, you will have an email address that is unique and dedicated to your brand.

Get an email address even if you don’t have a website

Brand identity and trust with email hosting

Create your brand identity and build trust with customers

Establish a trustworthy identity

As a business, how you present yourself is incredibly important. With a professional email, you are creating a trustworthy, credible and legitimate identity for your business. Put simply, your marketing campaign can be delivered right to your customer’s inbox!
An email sent as yourname@freeemailhosting.com has less credibility than yourname@yourbusinessname.com. Keeping the name of your business in the email address increases the chances of getting your mail opened by potential customers as well.

Make your email account more secure and ad free

Uncompromised security with premium features

With Veeble’s advanced spam and virus filtering, you are more secure than ever! You also get a two- factor authentication option to add an extra layer of security to your email account.
Our advanced security features also allow you to create whitelists and blacklists easily to make your emails as secure as it can get. With our email hosting service you get greater privacy and a premium ad free email account.

More secure and ad free email account
Control email and tons of storage

More control over your email and tons of storage

Choose what gets delivered to your email account and store it safely

With Veeble’s fully featured email hosting plans you can create a list of rules to direct incoming emails to whichever folder you want it to go to. You can even set up filters that can redirect messages to different email accounts.
Get up to 50 GB storage per inbox and 10 GB file storage. You will have ample storage space for all your emails making it easier to scale up. With more storage space you can easily send and receive large attachments and never miss any important document because of space issues.

Seamless collaboration and accessibility

Teams can collaborate more easily and access emails from anywhere

You can share folders with your teammates and give your co- workers specific access to content. Viewer and modification access can be customized easily making work more efficient and systematic.
The best thing about Veeble’s email hosting packages is that you can access your email from any device, anywhere with just an internet connection. You do not have to install any additional application.

Seamless collaboration and accessibility
expert technical advice

24/7/365 Expert Technical Advice

The best technical team in the industry

Get expert advice from our technical team any time of the day or night! You can approach them whenever you come across any difficulties with your email hosting plan. They help you set up your account, manage your emails, improve security and solve any other issue that you may face with your account.
Veeble’s experienced and brilliant technical team has been in the industry for years and has solved numerous technical problems in the most efficient way possible. When you sign up for our Email Hosting plan, we guarantee that you are about to get the best technical support ever from our dedicated team!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Veeble Hosting's Fully Featured Email Hosting?
Veeble’s Fully Featured Email Hosting plan helps you host your email account on a server that allows you to send, receive and store emails. You will get a professional email address with an email account that you can easily customize to suit your brand aesthetic and values.
  • Our email hosting plans offer:
    • An easy to use webmail
    • An efficient and intuitive control panel
    • High security features
    • Multi- layered backup and archiving systems
    • Domain Aliasing feature
    • SMTP, POP3, IMAP
    • 24/7 technical assistance
    • Ample storage space
    • Universal accessibility
Reliable and secure professional email hosting takes the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your business. You will be able to market your business better with a professional email more efficiently.
2. How will purchasing a Business Email Hosting plan benefit me?
When you use a Business Email Hosting service, you are also investing in the branding of your business. Using a professional email ID that is customized with your company’s domain name, like, yourname@yourbusinessname.com, you make your business more credible. Other benefits include better uptime, lower latency, more scalability options and higher reliability.
3. How do I get an email account for my company?
You can get an email account for your company by following these easy steps:
  • Register your [Domain Name]
    • If you already have a domain name, you can transfer that as well.
    • Another way is to use your existing domain name and update the nameserver.
  • Select an email hosting plan that suits your needs.
  • Select your billing cycle and make the payment.
You now have a professional business email account!
4. Can I use my own domain with Veeble Hosting's Email Hosting?
Yes! You can easily transfer your existing domain name and simply update the nameserver. After doing this, you can choose the email hosting that you prefer the most and purchase the plan.

Our expert technical team will guide you through every step of the way. You can rely on us to make your email hosting experience the best!
5. Is there a limit on the storage space for email accounts?
The storage space allotted for your email accounts depends on the Email hosting plan that you have chosen.
  • For [Basic Email- 10GB] hosting plan the storage per inbox is 10GB and you get 2GB file storage along with it.
  • The [Basic Email- 20GB] hosting plan you get up to 20GB storage per inbox and 4GB file storage.
  • With the [Basic Email- 50GB] hosting plan you will be getting up to 50GB storage per inbox and 10GB file storage.
6. Can I access my email from multiple devices?
Our Webmail is very easy to access. You can access your account using any device that has an internet connection. You do not have to install any other applications in your phone to access the email.
7. Does Veeble Hosting's Email Hosting support IMAP and POP3 protocols?
Yes. Our email hosting service provides lightning-fast SMTP, POP3, and feature-packed IMAP implementations across a range of ports.
8. Is there any restriction on the size of email attachments?
You can get up to 50GB storage per inbox and 10GB file storage with our professional email hosting plan. With an ample amount of storage, you can easily send and receive attachments with a large size.
9. Are there any spam filtering features for email accounts?
Yes. Veeble’s professional email hosting provides advanced spam filtering for your email accounts. Your account will be safe at all times.
10. Do you have any spam policies?
Yes, we have zero tolerance when it comes to the matter of spamming. You are not to send any unsolicited or bulk emails and spam. If you have purchased lists or if you sell lists, such lists will be treated as spam too. The termination of your account will be according to our policies.
11. Can I set up autoresponders for my email accounts?
Yes. You can easily set up autoresponders for your email accounts with our plans. You can configure your email account to reply to messages while you are unavailable. These responses can be either in text or they can also be an HTML message.
12. Does your email hosting plan offer a webmail interface available for accessing emails?
Yes, there is a webmail interface available for you to access emails. It does not require any additional setup and the best thing about it is that it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. You do not need to install any other application specifically for it.
13. Will I be able to create mailing lists with Veeble’s Email Hosting?
You can create mailing lists with our Email Hosting plans. You can also decide how the emails will be distributed among the receivers in your list.
14. Is email forwarding supported by Veeble Hosting's Email Hosting plan?
Our Email Hosting plans do support email forwarding. You can select the recipient of your email forwards easily. You can also forward all of your incoming mail to another account of your choice.
15. Can I set up email filters to organize incoming emails?
You can organize your incoming emails easily and have more control over your inbox by creating a list of rules for incoming emails. This includes being able to direct your incoming messages to specific folders for better organization.
16. What are the email backup and restoration options provided by Veeble?
Veeble keeps your data stored and secured for up to 1 month. Your email account data is backed up and stored in a remote secure location. All your messages in every folder are archived in case you need it.
17. Does Veeble Hosting offer SSL/TLS encryption for email communications?
Yes. SSL and TLS protocols are supported for SMTP, POP3, IMAP and Webmail.
18. Can I migrate my existing emails and contacts to Veeble's Email Hosting?
Yes, you can migrate your existing emails and contacts to Veeble's Email Hosting without experiencing any downtime and free of cost. All your contact, calendars, notes and other documents can be transferred as well.[Migrate Now]
19. Can I rebrand my email interface?
Yes! You can brand all the interfaces with your desired name and your own logo. Branding is much easier with a professional email hosting service. With a private domain name you can gain the trust of your customers and get a higher open rate for your emails.
20. What are the ways in which Veeble keeps my email account safe?
We offer advanced spam and virus filtering services to keep your email account secured. Additionally, there is a two- factor authentication system in place for added protection. You can also create whitelists and blacklists to make your emails more secure.

A professional email hosting service offers higher levels of privacy and security than a free email hosting service. Choose Veeble’s Email Hosting plans for better security.
21. What kind of support does Veeble provide for email hosting-related issues?
Our dedicated and highly experienced technical team is always ready to help you sort out any email hosting issues that you may come across. If you have any questions regarding the email hosting plans, or email hosting services feel free to contact us.
22. Can I set up domain aliases with Veeble's Email Hosting?
Yes, you can set up domain aliases with our email hosting plans. With this feature you can receive emails at one specific inbox.

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