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Server Monitoring Features

Web Performance Monitoring

Remotely monitor and keep track of the performance of your websites and servers from anywhere at any time. Veeble’s server monitoring service scans each element in the webpage, including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, DNS servers, FTP, email, and provides you with hourly summary data. And that will help you to precisely locate the outage and maximise your website uptime.

Unlimited Free Alerts

Get unlimited instant notifications without any additional charges whenever your website encounters a performance hiccup. You can also perform periodic content checks to determine whether an input content appears on the page. Link as many contacts and emails to the monitoring check, and you will be all set to receive alerts via Email, Call, SMS text, and Slack.

One minute intervals

Unlike the plans advertised by other website uptime monitoring services, all our monitoring plans include one-minute interval checks without incurring charges. That will help you to pinpoint the website issue and resolve it within a fraction of a second. You can view your website uptime statistics in a detailed waterfall chart by logging in to the client zone.

Unlimited contacts

Create and manage an unlimited number of contacts (Email, SMS, Voice and Slack) and contact groups. Configure and link the contacts and contact groups to your monitoring check, and receive unlimited numbers of Email, SMS, Phone call, and Slack alerts with different urgency levels.

Multiple location rechecks

Make sure your website is always up and running round the clock. Our multiple check servers perform website status checks from North America, East Asia/Oceania, Europe, and Latin America. You can set the test to see your site’s availability, from any or all of these locations in real-time before being notified.

Do not disturb controls

Create and customize your server monitoring notification settings using the do not disturb controls. We have some preset notification schedules that allow you to schedule the alert to whichever days or times of the week, best for your business timetable. For example, you can set Emma to receive notifications on weekdays, while Gerg handles it on weekends.

How it works?

Help us to help your website deliver the best
Server Monitoring Check

1. Server Monitoring Check

To get started, let us set up the integration to receive notifications. Create a new monitoring instance using the field checks. Fill in the details in the respective fields. Create contacts and contact groups to notify several recipients at the same time. You can also set the notifying delay and schedule. You are all set to be alerted.

2. Receive Alerts

Find out the current status of your website. Start receiving instant alerts on desktop and mobile devices by email, SMS, voice, and slack. Control who can receive notifications and schedule your alerts using preset parameters. Stay focused on your task while we keep track of your website.

Receive Alerts
Take Measure

3. Take Measure

Check your website monitoring report to get insights about your website availability. Also, determine the time when your website went down to pinpoint the root cause of the outage. Some of the common issues relating to website downtime are server issues, website theme and plugin incompatibilities, security attacks, and coding errors. Eliminate the error and keep your website running.

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