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Windows VPS Hosting, now easier, faster, and cheaper with us!

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Up to 1 Gbps Network Speed
  • Full RDP Access
What's included

Windows RDP VPS Plans Starting at $9.95/mo!

$9.95/ month
  • 2 CPU Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • RDP Admin Access
$19.95/ month
  • 4 CPU Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 80 GB SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • RDP Admin Access
$39.95/ month
  • 8 CPU Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • RDP Admin Access
$49.95/ month
  • 12 CPU Core
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 240 GB SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • RDP Admin Access

15 Years of Crafting Excellence

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Windows VPS Operating System

Choose from the latest Windows Server Editions
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Veeble Windows VPS Offers

Unmetered Bandwidth

Our unmetered bandwidth plan gives you the choice to pay based on the speed rather than the volume of traffic. Unmetered bandwidth is ideal for high-traffic applications such as streaming or web hosting of larger files.

Remote Desktop Access

Windows VPS hosting plan comes with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). It allows you to view the desktop of a virtual machine or a remote computer and you will be able to control it from wherever you are.

KVM Platform

Our Windows hosting is on KVM Platform, enables efficient resource allocation and utilization and provides enhanced security through complete isolation. KVM server technology offers a wealth of benefits that make it a top choice for businesses in need of high-performance virtual private servers.

Intel Xeon Processors

We use the latest Intel Xeon Platinum processors on our Windows VPS platform. Known for their performance with built-in accelerators and advanced security, they deliver improvements in I/O, memory, storage, and network speed.

Plesk Add On

Get Plesk control panel as an add on with our Windows VPS RDP hosting and make your hosting easily manageable. Choose Plesk Admin, Pro, or Host editions according to your needs and requirements.

Multiple Windows Versions

With Veeble, you can choose from various Windows Server editions that helps you create ideal server environment for all your needs. Get the latest version Windows Server 2022, or opt for earlier versions like Windows Server 2019 or 2016 or 2012.

maximum security with windows server

Ensure Maximum Security With Windows Server 2022

Get started today and experience the power of Windows Server 2022

With Windows Server 2022, you can enjoy the same level of performance and security as a dedicated server without the associated costs. Windows Server 2022 is ideal for businesses and individuals seeking a secure, cost-effective virtual machine. Our servers provide unparalleled data security and performance, allowing you to run your applications with high availability and scalability.
Server 2022 is built keeping in mind these three things; advanced protection, simplified security, and preventative defense. TLS 1.3 and HTTPS are enabled by default protecting the client's data connecting to the server. Choose the right server and maximise your server security!

Get Hosted on the Popular KVM Platform!

At Veeble, we offer KVM Virtualization for Windows VPS.

KVM Platform comes with a lot of benefits!! Firstly, the hardware-level virtualization in KVM allows the hosting provider to offer self-managed Windows VPS machines alongside Linux-based solutions. It means more flexibility and the ability to meet the hosting needs of a wider audience with different needs. Secondly, the extra isolation makes KVM virtualization much more reliable and secure.

KVM stands out as a powerful solution that can help you take your business to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Try out our Windows VPS hosting, enjoy the benefits of hosting on a KVM platform.

excellent service
windows vps solutions

Get the most out of Windows Products with our Windows VPS solutions!

The Best Suited Hosting Environment For You!

If you are hosting websites or web applications built using Windows technologies such as ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, or IIS, a Windows VPS can offer the infrastructure and resources needed to run them efficiently.

We all know how popular Windows is, due to which many tools and applications crucial to the operations of a number of businesses are not available on any other platforms. Windows also has an efficient way of boosting productivity and security of the entire network. With Windows, you will receive more reliable technical support, stable performance, and the familiar interface you already know and love.

Great UI Control Over Virtual Environment

Managing Your Server is Now Easier with Windows VPS

Windows is the operating system on over 77% of desktops and laptops today. Many of you will appreciate being presented with a familiar graphic interface when managing a server. It's an excellent advantage for those who don't feel comfortable using command line interfaces to use Windows VPS hosting.
With great UI control, you will be able to perform server management tasks efficiently. It also ensures you with a user-friendly file manager that allows you to upload, download, and organize files within your Windows VPS. Having great UI control over your Windows VPS hosting environment ensures that you can effectively manage and customize your server without needing extensive technical expertise.

ui control over virtual environment
what sets our windows vps

What Sets Our Windows VPS Hosting Apart?

Get powerful windows VPS hosting with Veeble
  • Fixed plans as well as customized plans for all your hosting needs
  • Powerful and trustworthy KVM virtualization platform
  • Makes the pricey Windows VPS hosting Affordable
  • High-performing infrastructure and high-quality networks

Windows VPS Vs Linux VPS

Comparison of Linux OpenVZ VPS vs Windows RDP VPS VPS
  Linux OpenVZ VPS Windows RDP VPS
Storage Allocation Shared Dedicated
Memory Allocation Shared Dedicated
CPU Allocation Shared Shared
Resource Upgrades
VPS Management Panel
Operating Systems Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Almalinux Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022
SSH Access
Remote Desktop
Graphical User Interface
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What Is a Windows VPS Hosting Server Used for?

RDP Browsing

With Windows VPS hosting, you can keep your browsing activities separate from your local machine and provides an additional layer of privacy and security.


You can use a Windows VPS to easily configure a VPN on your system. This will allow you to establish a secure connection from remote locations.


When you are going to hide your real IP, using a proxy via your Windows VPS is one of the perfect solutions. Through your proxy, you can reroute your internal traffic, enhance privacy, and bypass restrictions.

Test Environments

Windows VPS is often utilized by developers for development and testing purposes. It provides a sandboxed environment where developing and testing can be done without impacting production environments.


Use a VPS to run 24/7 online trading. You can use automated trading systems with Windows VPS hosting. It offers a stable environment where trading algorithms can execute trades quickly and efficiently.

Mail Servers

A Windows VPS hosting uses special encryption software, which provides a far safer and more secure email environment. It can be utilized to host mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange.

Database Hosting

Windows VPS provides an ideal environment for hosting databases. You can deploy database management systems like Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL on your VPS to store and manage large amounts of data efficiently.

Large File Download

VPS hosting can be used for downloading large files, such as a backup file, into your device. This is possible due to the high bandwidth and dedicated resources offered by Windows VPS hosting.

Windows Apps on Mac

With RDP, you can connect to a distant Windows machine to run Windows applications on your Mac.

Looking for the Perfect Windows VPS Solution for you?

Taking advantage of Windows VPS allows you to get all the power, performance, and flexibility of a dedicated server while keeping costs low. With the highest level of reliability and performance, you'll have access to your account 24/7.

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The first place we turn to, in times when 24/7 availability is demanded, our company chooses no other Dedicated Hosting Company than Veeble. During the course of our lengthy relationship, they've come through each and every time.

Thomas Cassidy

Founder- All Urban Radio

Excellent response and solving of our problem. Veeble get our A+++++ recommendation as a provider and we look forward to work with them for a long time to come!

Rick Schulman

MD, Netmedix UK Ltd.

Hello Veeble, I just want to say thank you so much for good quality VPSs. You are the best VPS provider I've seen. I'm using your VPSs to make my streaming system as well. I will buy more VPS with you to keep my system growing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Veeble provide pre-installed Windows for Windows RDP VPS?
We have various versions of Windows OS available, including Windows Server 2022 Standard 64-bit, Windows Server 2019 Standard 64-bit, Windows Server 2016 Standard 64-bit, and Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit.
2. What is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?
A Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allows users to access a desktop computer remotely. RDP allows a single application or update to be installed across all computers connected to a network via a single command without having to do it manually on each PC.
3. Why would I require Windows VPS?
With Veeble Windows VPS, you can experience all the benefits of a dedicated server at a nominal cost. With Windows VPS, you can host ASP and PHP websites or applications hassle-free.
4. Can I customize my Windows VPS configuration and resources?
Yes, at Veeble we offer custom plans for Windows VPS RDP. You can choose the data center location, no.of CPU cores, memory, SSD storage space, operating system, bandwidth, no. of dedicated IPs, and preferred billing cycle and get a customized plan following your needs and budget.
5. What kind of technical support is provided for Windows VPS Hosting?
At Veeble, for Windows VPS hosting we don’t offer managed technical support. But, our technical team will provide quick and expert solutions for all the other essential issues you face while hosting with us.
6. Can I install my software and applications on Veeble Windows VPS?
Yes, you can install software and applications of your choice on the Windows VPS, including web servers, content management systems, development frameworks, FTP servers, and email servers. Our technical team will help you with any assistance during such installations.
7. What is the uptime guarantee for Windows VPS Hosting?
We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee for Windows VPS hosting. We ensure this guarantee with our reliable server infrastructure and an incredible technical support team.
8. Are there any additional features or add-ons available for Windows VPS Hosting?
Yes, Veeble offers several add-ons for Windows VPS which you can choose while ordering. These add-ons include SSL certificates, cloud storage, and a WHMCS license.
9. Can I upgrade or downgrade my Windows VPS Hosting plan?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Windows VPS Hosting plan when your needs and requirements change. However, if you want to downgrade your disk space, reinstallation of the server is required.

Our team at Veeble will help you with choosing the right plan for your current needs and requirements. We also give alerts to our clients when they are outgrowing their resources and in need of an upgrade.
10. Are there any control panels or management tools provided for Windows VPS Hosting?
Yes, we provide you with a control panel offering various features including one-click reboot, quick backup, easy re-installation, console access, live resource statistics, and resetting the root password.
11. Can I host multiple websites on a single Windows VPS?
Yes, you can host multiple websites on a single Windows VPS.
12. What is the average setup time for a Windows VPS Hosting account?
We provide instant activation for a Windows VPS Hosting account. And, the average setup time is 2 hours for Windows VPS Hosting.
13. Does Veeble provide a monitoring system to track the performance and resource usage of my Windows VPS?
Yes, Veeble monitors the performance and resource usage of your Windows VPS RDP. These resource usage statistics can be viewed in the Veeble client area once you start your journey with us.
14. Can I install SSL certificates on my Windows VPS for secure website browsing?
Yes, you can install SSL certificates on your Windows VPS RDP. We offer SSL certificates powered by GoGetSSL and Sectigo as an addon while ordering Veeble Windows VPS RDP.
15. Does Veeble offer a backup and restore service for Windows VPS Hosting?
Yes, we offer regular automated backup and restore service for Windows VPS Hosting.
16. Are there any restrictions on software installations or configurations on Windows VPS Hosting?
Yes, with Veeble Windows VPS RDP, there are restrictions on the unacceptable materials mentioned in our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Other than that, you have full root access and you can install any custom software or applications. It will help you build a server environment according to your needs and requirements.
17. Which is the virtualization platform used for Windows VPS RDP?
At Veeble, we use KVM technology for Windows VPS RDP. It’s the newest virtualization technology and it utilizes kernel-based virtual machines.
18. What security measures are in place to protect against DDoS attacks on Windows VPS Hosting?
At Veeble, we offer network-level DDoS protection and this will mitigate any future DDoS attacks. This includes various technologies to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks before they reach the server or application.
19. Can I use my Windows VPS for gaming purposes?
Yes, you can use your Windows VPS for gaming purposes, such as hosting game servers or running game-related applications. However, it's important to consider the specific resource requirements of the games or applications you intend to host and ensure that your VPS plan meets those requirements.
20. Does Veeble provide a dedicated IP address along with the Windows RDP VPS account?
Yes, we provide a dedicated IP address along with the Windows VPS account. You may also purchase additional IP addresses if required.

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