Fully Managed VPS Hosting with cPanel

Get the best out of your website with Managed VPS hosting!!

  • 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Full Root Access & Console Access
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What's included


$49.95/ mo
  • 40 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores @2.0 GHz+
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 100 Mbps Network
  • 2 Dedicated IPs
  • US Datacenter
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • Free Website Transfers & Server Setup
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring


$64.95/ mo
  • 80 GB SSD Storage
  • 4 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 4 CPU Cores @2.0 GHz+
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 100 Mbps Network
  • 3 Dedicated IPs
  • US Datacenter
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • Free Website Transfers & Server Setup
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring


$89.95/ mo
  • 160 GB SSD Storage
  • 6 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 6 CPU Cores @2.0 GHz+
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Network
  • 3 Dedicated IPs
  • US Datacenter
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • Free Website Transfers & Server Setup
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring


$119.95/ mo
  • 240 GB SSD Storage
  • 12 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 8 CPU Cores @2.0 GHz+
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Network
  • 4 Dedicated IPs
  • US Datacenter
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • Free Website Transfers & Server Setup
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring

15 Years of Crafting Excellence

"It certainly seems like everyone who talks about this company has something positive to say"


"If you’re looking for fantastic service on a smaller budget, Veeble is the web host for you."


"24/7 customer service is impressive, I’ve contacted a friendly, helpful operator several times by live chat."


Managed VPS Hosting Features

Get hosted at Veeble for the best Managed VPS with cPanel.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Our unmetered bandwidth plan gives you the choice to pay based on the speed rather than the volume of traffic. If you anticipate heavy traffic or future scalability, you must go for plans offering unmetered bandwidth.

High-Performance Servers

Get fast and reliable managed VPS hosting with high-performance servers. We have powerful hardware with enterprise grade SSD storage, battery-backed RAID-10 protection and KVM virtualization for full control over the servers.

Fully Managed

Offload the technical aspects of server management to a dedicated team of professionals. At Veeble, you receive access to a support team that assist you with server-related issues, troubleshooting, and configuration changes.

Pro-Active Monitoring

We identify and address potential issues before they impact the server's performance or availability. It involves actively monitoring various aspects of the VPS infrastructure to detect anomalies, errors, or potential risks.

cPanel License

Our Managed VPS hosting comes with the industry leading cPanel/WHM license. It offers several benefits for managing and administering web hosting environments.

Advanced Security

WIth Managed VPS hosting, you will get advanced security features like initial server hardening, SSH hardening, and firewall configuration. Also, regular security updates will maintain a secure server environment.

Managed VPS Advanced Features

  • One click reboot
  • Easy re-installation
  • Console Access
  • Resource Usage Statistics
  • Almalinux 8 with cPanel
  • Free Migration Service
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • KVM Virtualization
  • TUN/TAP supported
  • Network Level DDOS Protection
  • IPv6 supported
resolve issues

Resolve Your Issues In Quickest Time!

Our incredible tech and sales team will instantly come to your aid when you are facing any issue.

Opting for our managed hosting gets you our premium service. Our support staff will be there to help you 24/7/365. We have an incredible support staff, extremely knowledgeable and experienced. We offer quick resolutions any problem you might have, you just have to raise a ticket.

Centralized Hosting Management with cPanel!

Enjoy superior managed VPS hosting at Veeble with the best control panel.

Need more resources than a traditional web hosting account but don't need the full power of a dedicated server? A fully managed, high-performance Virtual Private Server with cPanel is the right choice for you. It's a great way to manage costs and scale when necessary.

To ensure maximum performance and reliability, our managed VPS hosting plans are built on enterprise-grade hardware with Xeon processors, memory, and solid-state drives (SSD). With cPanel, get complete server control for all of your websites and servers.

centralized hosting
free migration

Get Free Migration Support

With Managed VPS hosting, we offer free migration!

Migration of your website, its files, databases, and other associated data from your current hosting provider to the our servers free of cost. Transfer everything from site content and email to databases and control panel accounts with the help of our dedicated migration team!

How Veeble Managed VPS Hosting Differs?

Initial Server Hardening

Secure your server with security measures and configurations right after its setup!

Regular Security Updates

Regularly applying security updates is crucial for maintaining a secure server environment.

Firewall Configuration

Protect the server from unauthorized access, network-based attacks, and malicious traffic.

Hosting Account Setup

We will create and configure hosting account for you!

Nameserver Configuration

We will specify the nameservers that are responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses.

cPanel Supported Scripts Install

With cPanel's Softaculous, we can quickly install scripts with a few clicks.

SSH Hardening

Enhance the security of SSH connections and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Monitoring Service

Continuous monitoring of a hosting account or server to ensure its performance, availability, and security.

High Priority Support

With Managed VPS, you get our best support and service offers!

choose the best server

Our Managed VPS Hosting plan comes with an Amazing Tech Support Team!

Having a Fully Managed VPS Hosting account gives you unlimited access to all services. That's ideal for web developers and business owners who lack the time or skills to manage their servers.

Get Started!!

Unmanaged vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting

  Unmanaged VPS Fully Managed VPS
Free cPanel Control Panel
cPanel Installation
Initial Server Hardening
Security Updates
Firewall Configuration
Hosting Account Setup
Nameserver Configuration
cPanel Supported Scripts Install
SSH Hardening
Monitoring Service
High Priority Support
Support Response Time > 60 minutes < 30 minutes

Highly Rated Across Platforms

50000+ Happy Customers & Counting

The first place we turn to, in times when 24/7 availability is demanded, our company chooses no other Dedicated Hosting Company than Veeble. During the course of our lengthy relationship, they've come through each and every time.

Thomas Cassidy

Founder- All Urban Radio

Excellent response and solving of our problem. Veeble get our A+++++ recommendation as a provider and we look forward to work with them for a long time to come!

Rick Schulman

MD, Netmedix UK Ltd.

Hello Veeble, I just want to say thank you so much for good quality VPSs. You are the best VPS provider I've seen. I'm using your VPSs to make my streaming system as well. I will buy more VPS with you to keep my system growing.

Le Duc


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a fully managed VPS better than other VPS plans?
Fully managed cPanel VPS servers will help you to keep your servers more secure, optimized, and updated at all times. With a fully managed VPS plan, you do not have to worry about the maintenance or technical aspects of your server. You also get dedicated IPs with every plan. Your server will be monitored by Veeble 24/7 and you will get high-priority support from our team as well.
2. What are the advantages of Managed cPanel VPS hosting?
Managed cPanel VPS hosting offers several benefits, including;
  • Simplified server management through cPanel's user-friendly interface.
  • Expert technical support from Veeble for server-related issues.
  • Regular server backups and security updates for enhanced reliability.
  • Scalability and flexibility to accommodate growing websites or applications.
  • Higher performance compared to shared hosting.
3. Is cPanel included with the Managed VPS hosting plan?
Yes, cPanel is included in the Managed cPanel VPS hosting plan. You get a license for cPanel, which allows you to manage your websites, domains, email accounts, databases, and other hosting features through a graphical user interface.
4. What level of technical support is provided with Managed cPanel VPS hosting?
Veeble provides comprehensive technical support for Managed cPanel VPS hosting. Our technical team assists with server setup, configuration, security, troubleshooting, and any other server-related issues you may encounter. You can easily reach us through various channels such as live chat, email, or support tickets.
5. Can I install custom software or applications on my Managed cPanel VPS?
Yes, with Managed cPanel VPS hosting, you have the flexibility to install custom software or applications on your server. As long as the software is compatible with the server environment and does not violate Veeble's terms of service, you can customize your VPS to suit your specific needs.
6. What security measures are in place for Managed cPanel VPS hosting?
Veeble takes security seriously and implements various measures to protect your Managed cPanel VPS. With Veeble, you get network-level DDoS protection which mitigates any DDoS attacks you may face. Other major security measures include regular security updates, firewall configurations, and SSH hardening.
7. Can I upgrade my Managed cPanel VPS plan in the future?
Yes, Veeble allows you to upgrade your Managed cPanel VPS plan as your needs grow. Whether you require more resources, storage, or increased performance, you can easily upgrade to a higher-tier plan to accommodate your evolving requirements.
8. Do I need technical expertise to use Managed cPanel VPS hosting?
While some technical knowledge can be helpful, Managed cPanel VPS hosting is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to users with varying levels of expertise. The cPanel interface simplifies many server management tasks, and our team at Veeble is available to assist you with any technical challenges you may encounter and simplify the task of hosting a website for you.
9. What is the difference between Managed cPanel VPS hosting and shared hosting?
The main difference is resource allocation and control. With shared hosting, multiple websites share the same server resources, while Managed cPanel VPS hosting provides dedicated resources and isolation. This results in better performance, security, and scalability for VPS hosting. Additionally, VPS hosting allows you more control and flexibility in terms of server configuration and software installations.
10. Can I transfer my existing cPanel websites to Managed cPanel VPS hosting?
Yes, you can transfer your existing cPanel websites to Managed cPanel VPS hosting. Our technical team can assist you in migrating your websites, databases, emails, and other data from your current hosting provider to your new Managed cPanel VPS at Veeble.
11. How often are backups taken for Managed cPanel VPS hosting?
Veeble typically performs regular backups for Managed cPanel VPS hosting. The frequency of backups can vary depending on the specific plan or add-ons you have.
12. Can I use my Managed cPanel VPS to host multiple websites?
Yes, you can host multiple websites on your Managed cPanel VPS. With cPanel, you can create and manage multiple domains, subdomains, and addon domains within your hosting account. This allows you to host separate websites or even create a reseller hosting environment.
13. Are there any limitations on the amount of traffic or bandwidth with Managed cPanel VPS hosting?
The amount of traffic or bandwidth you can use depends on the specific Managed cPanel VPS plan you choose. Each plan has its allocated resources, including bandwidth limits.
14. Can I upgrade or downgrade my Managed cPanel VPS plan at any time?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Managed cPanel VPS plan based on your requirements. However, it's important to note that downgrading disk space may require reinstallation. All other resources can be scaled up or down easily.
15. What happens if I exceed the resource limits of my Managed cPanel VPS plan?
If you exceed the resource limits of your Managed cPanel VPS plan by using up more memory, disk space, or bandwidth, it may result in degraded performance and potential service interruptions. To avoid this, the Veeble team will offer you adequate options to upgrade your plan to a higher tier with more resources.
16. Can I use my Managed cPanel VPS for email hosting?
Yes, you can use your Managed cPanel VPS for email hosting. cPanel includes a robust email management system that allows you to create and manage email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, and spam filters. You can utilize your VPS resources to host and manage your email services effectively.
17. Are there any limitations on the types of websites or applications I can host on a Managed cPanel VPS?
In general, you can host a wide range of websites and applications on a Managed cPanel VPS. As long as the content and applications comply with Veeble's terms of service and do not violate any legal regulations, you should be able to run your desired websites or applications on your VPS.
18. Can I customize server-level settings and configurations on my Managed cPanel VPS?
Managed cPanel VPS hosting allows you to customize various server-level settings and configurations within the parameters defined by Veeble. However, it's important to note that making certain changes or modifications without proper knowledge may impact the stability or security of your server.
19. What is the billing cycle for Managed cPanel VPS hosting?
The billing cycle for Managed cPanel VPS hosting can vary depending on the plan you choose. Veeble typically offers 1-month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months options. You can select the billing cycle that suits your needs during the signup process or by contacting Veeble's sales team.
20. Does Veeble provide 24/7 server monitoring?
Yes, Veeble provides 24/7 server monitoring for all managed cPanel VPS plans, ensuring continuous surveillance and prompt response to any issues that may arise.

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