Dedicated Server Buying Guide – Choose the Right Server for Your Business

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are physical servers isolated for their workload. That is, your server resources are not shared, and no one else gets to play with your machine. As they give you full rights to set up your hosting environment your exact specifications, dedicated servers are considered more flexible and powerful than any other hosting option. Dedicated hosting tends to be more expensive than other hosting options, however, you are guaranteed with high-end performance. This type of hosting is preferred mostly by medium and large-sized companies having high computational demands.

Dedicated server and its Advantages

Dedicated servers come handy when VPS is unable to meet customer requirements like security. With a dedicated server, your organization receives complete control over the server, making it more secure. Besides the security benefits, they offer other added advantages like high storage capacity, high availability, ability to handle high traffic spikes, unique IP address, ability to customize specifications and modify your existing services etc.

Choosing the Perfect Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server types

In Veeble, we offer you extremely reliable Dedicated server plans that are flexible enough to meet all your business needs. You can choose between fully managed, self-managed, storage or bulk IP plans. We also have a 24×7 priority support team to help you out with any queries.

Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal server as the name suggests is a simple dedicated machine assigned exclusively to a single customer. It is not shared between different customers and provides complete isolation to the user. Here the user is allowed to choose the desired OS to be installed, and all the user applications will be running on this operating system. And it also gives the user complete control over the software stack.

Veeble provides you with flexible, uncompromising, enterprise-grade Bare Metal Servers that are dedicated 100% to your workload. And never worry anymore about variable performances caused by noisy neighbours. Our single-tenant Bare Metal servers give customers complete control, flexibility, security, and hardware isolation.

Fully Managed Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated Server

In a Fully managed server, the web host or web hosting service provider will take care of pretty much everything from setting up the server to managing and maintaining it. Here, the web host is responsible for updating the server, regularly monitoring the traffic spikes, checking suspicious activities, removing all technical glitches, and making sure that the server is running correctly.

Veeble’s Fully Managed Server plans include cPanel installation, operating system installation, system monitoring, server management and maintenance, and 24×7 proactive customer support.

Storage Servers

Secure Backup

Storage servers are servers with high disk capacity that serves as the storehouse of data repositories. They are capable of processing and storing a vast amount of data efficiently. Storage servers come handy when you want to maintain maximum uptime for your business along with your growing data needs. These servers are specialized in storage and are principally used for generating secure data backups, launching private cloud, or for multimedia storage.

Veeble’s high-performance Storage Servers are engineered to work in resource-intensive environments. All our dedicated servers are protected by a high-end firewall system, and we take care that our services are always available. Our secure Storage Servers are capable of meeting large scale concurrent computing demands, and we provide high storage servers having a storage capacity up to 64 TB along with incredible write speeds.

Bulk IP Servers

Veeble Bulk IP Servers

Veeble Bulk IP Servers are top-notch servers used for IP specific purposes. And that would include sending promotional emails, newsletters, transactional messages, hosting multiple sites with unique SSL certificates, avoiding firewall conflicts, setting up VPN services, for SEO related services etc.

We offer a variety of highly customizable Bulk IP plans, and you can order up to 256 IPv4 addresses. Our feature-rich servers are intended for everyone who longs for unrestricted root access, unmetered traffic, extensive IP pool, redundant data storage, reliable network, easy upgrades and hassle-free service.

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