10 Most Popular Web Hosting Control Panels in 2024

Website management made easy with control panels

Looking for a web hosting control panel to host your website? We have compiled a list of top 10 most popular control panels for you to choose from.

A web hosting control panel offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website. It helps users to manage and navigate their website, the web hosting account, and sometimes the server. 

This is possible without a control panel too! However, you will need to know the commands necessary to install and configure the various components needed. This is not always possible for someone with less technical knowledge. That’s where the control panel comes in!

In most cases, hosts will provide a control panel with their hosting plans, or they will offer it for a small extra fee. With the help of a control panel, you can easily do the same task of managing your website with less time and even lesser chances of error. 

Let’s have a look at the most popular control panels available…

1. cPanel

cPanel logo

cPanel is the most popular control panel. It is a web-based, Linux control panel that conveniently manages your web hosting. As it is web-based, you can access the control panel through your web browser itself.

It can be used in different types of hosting, including shared, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. However, when you are installing cPanel on a VPS or dedicated server, it can be very difficult to uninstall it and move to another option.

With cPanel web hosting, you can perform actions from a user-friendly dashboard instead of running complex commands. It has got a graphical user interface and server management interface WHM(Web Host Manager). When these interfaces work together, website management becomes a breeze.

In cPanel, all the applications and tools are categorized under groups like files, databases, and software; which makes it easier to navigate. Various tools, applications, features, or functionalities that are available for website management, server administration, and other web hosting-related tasks are represented as icons.

Icons serve as visual shortcuts or links to access different functions and settings within the cPanel. These icons in each group can be moved around in the drag-and-drop method enabling the users to personalize their interface and streamline their workflow. 

It includes features such as

  • Automation of all server management tasks.
  • Create emails & calendars
  • Add-ons and third-party plugins.
  • Tools for designing and launching custom databases.
  • Secure backups, transfer & manage files.
  • Secure your system at various levels

Say goodbye to technical jargon and hello to a world of icons, menus, and wizards that make tasks like creating email accounts, managing files, setting up databases, and installing applications as easy as snapping your fingers!

2. Plesk

Plesk logo

Plesk is available for both Windows and Linux. It is one of the most comfortable and easy panels for Windows. Its interface is heavily influenced by Windows. It combines the icon-based display with more text and resembles the Windows control panel.

A sleek and user-friendly interface, multi-platform compatibility, and a comprehensive feature set that covers website creation, server management, email management, database management, security, and more are the features that make Plesk stand out. It is also highly scalable and flexible, allowing users to manage multiple websites and domains from a single control panel.

Using drag-and-drop navigation and one-click functionality, Plesk simplifies hosting management. One feature that set Plesk apart from the competition is there mobile-friendly app which allows you to operate the hosting server through a phone. 

Plesk goes the extra mile by providing valuable statistics and analytics that offer insights into your online project’s bigger picture. Want to know your most popular pages, where your visitors are coming from, or your most successful traffic channels? Plesk has you covered with comprehensive reports for every aspect of your website’s performance. If you are choosing Plesk, it will help you stay informed and make data-driven decisions with its powerful analytics tools!

Plesk includes features such as:

  • Full access via SSH.
  • Secure domain with SSL
  • Mail auto-discover plus SNI support
  • Advanced monitoring.
  • Scheduled incremental backups
  • Manage on the go with the Plesk Mobile app
  • Plesk eCommerce toolkit and complete WordPress toolkit.

3. DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin logo

DirectAdmin is available on Linux and BSD systems. It works excellently in all major hosting environments as it doesn’t require any particular configuration or dependencies to work. It is fast, easy to use, affordable, and gives you access to all the features you would need in a web hosting control panel. 

Admins and Users have a great time using this simple, highly stable, and robust control panel. Admins are free to upgrade/downgrade services, libraries, etc., without fear of breaking the control panel. Its clean and efficient interface makes it easy to use for beginners and advanced users. Beginners will easily understand the interface, while advanced users can take advantage of the backend’s flexibility and control.

It includes features such as:

  • Complete system usage statistics.
  • Several access levels.
  • Automatic SSL.
  • Unlimited customization abilities.
  • Automatic installation and configuration of selected software packages.
  • IP manager
  • Mail queue administration
  • SPAM fighting tools

4. ISPConfig

Ispconfig Logo

The ISPConfig control panel runs exclusively on Linux machines. It is a free open-source control panel application originally launched in 2005; it is still actively developed today.

In addition to being stable and secure, it is a multi-host control panel. If you need enterprise-level functionality, ISPConfig is one of the best options for you!

Anyways, its drawbacks include the complexity of its installation and it is only backed up by a limited support community.

ISPConfig includes features such as

  • Several access levels.
  • Manage multiple servers from one control panel
  • Web server management.
  • DNS server management.
  • Mail server management.
  • Numerous managed services.
  • Configuration mirroring and clusters

5. Webuzo

Webuzo logo

Webuzo is a multiuser hosting control panel used for managing the cloud and dedicated servers. It helps you grow your web applications and manage your domains, emails, websites, databases, etc.

Hosting providers, resellers, and website owners mainly benefit from Webuzo and its features. It can be installed on various types of servers and supports Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, and CentOS. It also offers a self-contained environment that simplifies the development and testing of modern web applications.

Do you find managing your domains monotonous? Then, Webuzo will help you with server management and ease the job of a webmaster. Besides, if you want to deploy various apps and want a secure environment with full server control, Webuzo will help you out!

It includes features such as

  • Built-in Softaculous auto-installer
  • FTP user password change is possible
  • DNS administration and clustering
  • Show all users and domains
  • Automatic SSL
  • MutiPHP selector
  • Site backups to remote locations

6. Control Web Panel (CWP)

Control web panel logo

CWP (formerly known as CentOS Web Panel) is a server administration software for Linux systems. It is regarded as one of the most polished cPanel replacements for self-managed cloud servers.

It has got a paid and free version. In the free version, they display the features available in the pro version but with an alert that it is unavailable. And the free version is extremely easy to install.

It includes features such as

  • Modern and intuitive user interface.
  • SQL database management
  • Enhanced security.
  • Manage DNS records
  • Server logs visualization.
  • Monitoring tools.
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7. Virtualmin

Virtualmin logo

Virtualmin is an open-source web hosting control panel. It is available on Linux and BSD systems. Currently, over 150,000 installations of Virtualmin exist throughout the world, making it the most popular and most comprehensive open-source control panel.

The Virtualmin web server administration tool is one of the most powerful and flexible tools available. There is no other product like it when it comes to features and flexibility. 

Virtualmin is built on top of Webmin (a web-based system administration tool), by the same team, and is fully integrated with its user management, monitoring features, software management, ACLs, and security features. It offers several productivity-enhancing tools for hosting providers, web developers, web designers, and end users.

It includes features such as:

  • Advanced access control.
  • Easy server logs visualization.
  • Monitoring tools.
  • Numerous security features.
  • Comprehensive tools for managing databases.

8. ISPmanager

ispmanager logo

ISPmanager is a popular commercial Linux-based back-end dashboard. It provides features for managing websites, creating users, and handling domains, emails, databases, etc like other control panels. It also has lots of integrations such as Let’s Encrypt, website builder, anti-viruses, etc. Furthermore, you can create plugins by yourself by using the open and well-documented API.

There are Lite and Business versions of this web panel. The lite version can allow you to manage the web server, create users with access levels, and import data from remote servers, thus it is mostly used for Dedicated and BBPS servers. Similarly, the Business ISPmanager version is better for reseller or shared hosting services because it can manage multiple servers and create and manage user accounts easily.

ISPmanager includes features such as:

  • Domain management.
  • Email management
  • Built-in security and monitoring tools.
  • Support for all popular CMS.
  • Backup system and cloud integration.
  • Multiple PHP versions are supported on a single server.
  • Support for Docker.
  • Webmin Integration

9. Ajenti

Ajenti logo

Agenti is a Linux-based lightweight control panel that allows you to manage multiple websites, firewalls, email creation, FTP accounts, and log activities. It has got simple interface, which makes the hosting and website creation process easy.

Ajenti includes features such as

  • Responsive remote terminal.
  • Access everywhere
  • Responsive remote terminal
  • Fast and secure access.
  • Easily extensible using Python.
  • Numerous plugins are available.

10. VestaCP

Vestacp Logo

Vesta Control Panel is the open-source web hosting control panel, used to create email accounts, and FTP accounts and to manage the Domain Name System records. VestaCP allows you to manage multiple websites at the same time. Vesta Administration panel lets you manage the Packages, IPs, Graphs, Log-in activity, Firewall, Apps, Server, DNS, mail system, and Backups.

Vesta Control Panel includes features such as

  • Server statistics monitoring.
  • Softaculous auto-installer
  • Powerful backup system.
  • Linux PAM authentication mechanism.
  • Secure Built-in firewall.
  • Fast web interface.

Wrapping Up

We have tried our best to present you with the most popular web hosting control panels which are rich in terms of new features and ongoing support. To find the one that is best suited for your needs, you have to do thorough research keeping your needs and requirements in mind.

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