All about WordPress REST API

What API’s are? Application Programing Interface, abbreviated as API can be considered as medium of communication between two different Applications. API’s are not new to us, when we transfer data between two applications, API’s are what make this possible. For example when you open an URL from a document editor using browser, the medium of…

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Introducing VPS Reseller Box from Veeble!

  We are much excited to introduce yet another innovative product - VPS Reseller Box, the ultimate VPS package for you. The VPS Reseller Box from Veeble acts just like a cloud infrastructure. You Key benefits of the Reseller Box are: 1. Deploy & Delete VPS Anytime You can deploy Linux and Windows VPS anytime…

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Understanding and Patching Heartbleed Security Exploit

Heartbleed is the nickname for a critical vulnerability discovered in some versions of OpenSSL, one of the most popular SSL libraries used in a number of open source products. The heartbleed.com website has been setup to provide more information about this bug and its affects. If you are concerned about whether you, or a site…

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