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Different types of VPS hosting

Finding the correct web hosting for you isn't simple. There is a long list of elements to consider. You may have the experience of going through some web hosting companies. In spite of that, it is confusing as to which sort of server is correct one for you. Here, we are talking about different types…

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Why Cloud VPS better than traditional VPS hosting?

In this era of web-based services, Cloud computing is a technology that has helped several business and corporate industries to manifolds. Every other service is based on the cloud nowadays. Here are the top reasons why Cloud VPS stands at a better position than traditional VPS hosting: Better tracking of services If you happen to…

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When You Should Upgrade From Shared Hosting to VPS?

How do you know when you should upgrade your web hosts? This is a concern that many people have. But before going into the details let's take a minute to understand the different web hosting options available to you. The three main web hosting services to choose from include: Shared Web Hosting – This is…

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