Why Cloud VPS better than traditional VPS hosting?

In this era of web-based services, Cloud computing is a technology that has helped several business and corporate industries to the manifold. Every other service is based on the cloud nowadays.

Here are the top reasons why Cloud VPS stands at a better position than traditional VPS hosting:

Better tracking of services

If you happen to be a proprietor of any business, you would love the advantages of Cloud VPS. It provides you with total control of your content and gives you permission to handle everything related to your website.

Self-sustained technology

In Cloud based VPS, the service is node-based. This means if you are working on one node and if that fails to perform at some point in time, the system would readily move on to the next, thereby reducing latency in your workflow. Finally, you can work with lossless traffic.

Seamless storage capabilities

For your E-commerce online store, VPS hosting will come with limited storage capabilities but if you choose cloud hosting, then you have extended storage capabilities. If you have an E-commerce online store that gets heavy traffic, VPS is not going to be an affordable option for you. On the other hand, With Cloud VPS, all your data is stored online.

Template Support

Most cloud-based VPS comes with predefined templates to suit all your requirements. The templates from various web builders like Joomla, WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, and others, make sure that your content has the best professional look and compatibility is not an issue. This is what really makes Cloud VPS stand out.

Flexibility in scaling

One of the most prominent features of Cloud VPS is scalability. You can opt for a basic plan at the outset of your business with limited resources and at an economical price. Later, you can upgrade your plan to a higher one with better limits in terms of disk space, bandwidth, and hardware expertise like CPU and RAM.

No lag

One of the major problems with traditional VPS hosting is the lag and hanging issues. This is because of the highly resource-intensive materials that most professionals add to their workspace. This issue could be overcome with Cloud VPS. There is no scope for any lag since the service is web-based even if your peers’ workload increases.

 No downtime

You would not face any downtime with your site if you choose Cloud VPS. Even if all servers are giving up, there is always one server that would back you up. This leads to an uninterrupted flow of your site and all the content that it has.

Quick initiation

A very little amount of time has to be invested in getting a Cloud VPS up and running. The process is extremely simple since the host would guide you through every step. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour for most intents and purposes.


In VPS hosting, you have to buy a certain amount of space beforehand. Even if you don’t use the total for it, you have to pay a fixed rent. Whereas, Cloud VPS gives you the freedom of choosing what you want. In Cloud VPS, you pay as per your use. You are not allocated a bulk of space for which you have to pay a lump sum amount of money.

These are some major advantages of Cloud VPS over traditional VPS hosting. By considering these, you can surely understand Cloud VPS is beneficial for any business that aspires to make it big. We at  Veeble deliver 100% availability of hardware and network and also provide Free secure Snapshot auto backups stored in dedicated NAS arrays. So in the event that you are likewise intending to go for traditional VPS hosting, reexamine! Get Cloud VPS

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