Web Design 2023: 12 Trending Ideas for Your Website

Your modern visitors can connect with your website easily if you follow ongoing styles. It also lets your users know that you care about your website. SEO is also positively affected if you follow the latest web design trends. 

This article discusses the web design trends that you can follow in 2023. Read on to know about the latest trends in animation, technical aspects of web design, and typography.

Web Design Trends 2023

  1. Animation
  2. Function and Accessibility
  3. Text and Typography

1. Animation in Web Design

In web design, animation can bring a higher level of interactivity with users, making their journey through the website more interesting. It adds a contrast to the static and mundane. For example, progression animations are used for reducing frustration in the users as information loads. Let’s check out some animation techniques used in web design that will grow in popularity in 2023.

Your Plant, Your Planet page
A good example of animation in web design from Your Plan, Your Planet. They use simple yet trendy designs to create an engaging web page.  

1.1 Animated Cursors

Animated cursors are a fun way to increase user interaction on your website. It is being used increasingly in the past few years. For example, cursors that change completely depending on the type of content selected by the user, or giving it a trailing pattern is an exciting user experience.

SSSolitaire website
In their homepage, SSSolitaire uses an animated cursor in the shape of a circle with text that says “Click and drag” to direct users on how to use the cursor.  

1.2 Animated Illustrations

Adding movement to websites makes it more engaging. It urges the users to stay longer on your website because it is captivating and interesting. For example, movement in images if clicked upon, using animated illustrations for guides and manuals, or revealing your products through animation are some of the things you can do to create an exciting web design.

1.3 Animated Videos

Using short videos is a great way to engage your audience, especially for breaking down lengthy content. You can use it to communicate the story of your brand, your products, how-to videos, offers or schemes, and much more. Animated videos help you in communicating a ton of information within seconds!

2. Function and Accessibility in Web Design

Web designers seem to be loving functionality and accessibility along with the aesthetics of their websites. Such technical aspects do play an important role in website rankings as well. Therefore, there is no doubt that this trend will continue in 2023.

2.1 Lazy Loading

Also called smart loading, it is an optimization technique in which the page content loads as the user progresses through it and not all at once. It helps in increasing the speed of the website as well.

2.2 Accessibility

It is important that the website is accessible to all individuals including those with certain disabilities. Creating inclusivity will help you reach more people faster. It is also beneficial to people who do not have any disabilities but instead are facing certain situational limitations. In such cases, accessibility refers to website access through smartphones, PCs, smart watches, smart TVs, etc.

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2.3 Mobile-Friendly Navigation

While making a website mobile-friendly it is important to prioritize mobile-friendly navigation. This ensures that the users can easily go through your website when opening your website on a mobile device.

For example, using a sticky menu, full-screen overlay menu, using cards or mixed menus makes it easier to access different elements on the website with the user’s thumb.

2.4 Voice Activated Interface

Voice searches are slowly taking over text searches and websites are starting to design in a voice search-friendly way. Use apps and other voice search integration software on your website.

3. Text and Typography in Web Design

In 2023, website typography is in for a refreshing change. Some of these trends are already in place. There is also a hint of nostalgia in the trending fonts and text sizes. Let’s look at some of the typography that we will be seeing in 2023.

3.1 Overlap

Overlapping text is becoming a popular web design. It adds a unique style to the website and is refreshing. Overlapping texts create a sense of visual freedom. There are no barriers to the text and it can freely flow throughout the website. Such designs are great for expressing progressive approaches and modernity. 

Website Designed using Dribble by Florent Hancaquart
The text continues over the image creating a free flowing effect. By Florent Hancaquart via Dribble

3.2 Pairing Fonts

Another popular typography trend is the pairing of different fonts. This is done in a manner that maintains harmony among fonts while using a variety of fonts for different sections.

My Arbor website
Here in my-arbor.com, different fonts are used for each sentence. Such pairings express different variations of the same mood.

3.3 Kinetic Typography

Much like animation, kinetic typography adds motion to the website. It is a great way to capture the users attention and draw it to specifically important sections of the website. It also engages the user and makes them stay focused on the page content.

3.4 Thin Font

Thin fonts are increasing in popularity for their elegance and sophistication. It also has a minimalistic appearance adding a sense of composure to the website. Moreover, thin fonts are the easiest way to elevate your website’s quality of appearance. The minimalist movement in web design is still growing in popularity and promises to continue in 2023.

Dior Website

Thin fonts make the website look more elegant and classic. Dior homepage uses thin and classy fonts to reflect their brand image.

3.5 Oversized

Oversized headings on the main page are on the rise. It is a web design trend that is set to continue in 2023 as well. It is mainly intended to grab the attention of the user. Oversized fonts also make the main content eligible to the users. 

Usually, the main oversized text is accompanied by text that contains smaller fonts discussing further details of the services or products that the website has to offer.


We have discussed some of the web design trends that you can follow in 2023. This will help you keep track of the designs that will attract more visitors to your website.

Modern websites are now more focused on delivering a unique and memorable design experience. The latest website designs will help you stay updated and create amazing websites!

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