7 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For Blogging

Did you know, 25% of the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress?  That is more than 75 million sites built using the WordPress Platform! It has become the go-to CMS for anything ranging from casual blogging to completely professional websites.

Let’s find out what makes this CMS so popular and sought after by bloggers:

1. Built-in Blogging and Easy Customization

WordPress was initially a basic blogging platform that became popular with users because of its simple interface and attractive design. Since then it has matured as a fully-fledged Content Management System (CMS) with blogging still at its core.

Content is king when it comes to blogs, and WordPress provides first-class solutions to content strategy, to do all the powerlifting behind the scenes. You can just keep creating new content and let WordPress take care of the technical details.

Webmasters who rely on an outdated website building platforms or raw HTML codes find it difficult to make even small adjustments to their sites. This requires the help of expensive web developers.

In WordPress, even beginners can easily customize the way the site looks and responds through the customization tab. Install any theme to your liking and check in real time the effects of your theme. The changes made can be previewed before being finalized and implemented instantaneously!

2. Easy Setup & Management

Veeble provides an easy “one-click” installation of WordPress in mere seconds, through Softaculous Auto Installer. You can also buy hosting with WordPress pre-installed. The dashboard of WordPress is very intuitive and you would not have much difficulty in taking care of your content and pages.

Set up your site, customize it to your liking, and get it running within minutes!

Manage your site seamlessly with automated updates. This feature ensures that even when you are busy, the website updates are being done on time. Write and upload new posts and set a schedule for their release over the course of a few weeks or months.

3. Themes & Its Tremendous Extensibility

A very remarkable characteristic of WordPress is that your content and your site’s design are kept separate. So if you feel like changing the way your site looks, you can switch the theme for a new one!

Choose from thousands of themes, both free and paid that can match your exact requirements. This would save you the otherwise tons of money that you’d be wasting on a developer to customize your site.

In addition to themes, you can also get WordPress plugins that add extra functionality to your site. Plugins can be used for anything from curating your content in beautifully organized lists and sharing it automatically on social media sites to setting up e-commerce shops.

4. SEO Friendly

The fact that WordPress has been built in such a way, that it already resolves many SEO issues, has been conceded by Matt Cutts of Google. Regular HTML sites usually need many optimizations to correctly highlight the information that search engine bots seek. In WordPress, these features are already inbuilt.

Additionally, there are a number of plugins that can be used to further enhance your SEO implementation like the popular Yoast SEO. These features provide a comprehensive SEO strategy for you that would otherwise require significant efforts to code and implement on your site.

5. It’s Mobile Optimized

More than half the world accesses the Internet via mobile, that is 52.7% of Internet users worldwide! So if your website is not made mobile-friendly, it risks losing a great deal of traffic.

Developing mobile-friendly websites through coding is a complicated business that would cost you a lot of money. Whereas in WordPress, this process is straightforward and involves nothing on your part.

Simply install responsive site themes that change their display according to the device used. Using such perceptive and dynamic themes can improve the looks of your website and handle the site experience of each digital device smoothly.

6. Excellent Support Community

WordPress was started back in 2003, which means it’s more than 13 years old now which is a really long time in Internet years. By now, most of the problems in the systems have already been worked out. A lot of security issues have been patched and it’s more stable, secure, and effective.

WordPress is an open-source project with a large online community of developers. In case you face technical issues that need to be resolved, most probably someone would have already had that same problem and a simple Google search or a search in WordPress forums would reveal the solution required.

In case you buy a premium theme then your issues would be handled by support teams for the same.

7. It’s Free!

The best part about all this? It’s absolutely free! Yes, there are paid themes and plugins but the basic WordPress package is free to use, thus saving money for bloggers who are just beginners and testing out the platform.

With this, you can experiment and learn more about the art of blogging and SEO before you decide to pursue this venture full-time.

WordPress is a quick and easy way to get a professional website created and optimized with the least effort. The learning curve is not at all steep and the system is instinctive to grasp which is why it continues to enjoy huge popularity among budding webmasters. Even if you are new to blogging, basic computer literacy can help you run your site with minimal issues using WordPress.

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