Why should I renew my domain before it expires?

When you register a new domain, rather than owning the domain, you are actually lending it for a specific time period. As your domain moves towards its expiry, you will start receiving renewal notices. And, if you wish to continue using your domain after the original registration period, you will have to renew it each time it expires.

Domain Name Lifecycle

1. Available for Registration

A domain name is said to be available if it is currently not used by anybody. Check for the availability of a unique and catchy domain name with Veeble.

2. Domain Registration

Domain names are usually registered for a single year and, this can go up to a maximum of 10 years. When the registration period comes to an end, your domain becomes expired, and it will stop working.

3. Renew Grace Period

Once your domain gets expired, it will be under a renew grace period. During this period your domain will be on a temporary hold, this is to warn you about the domain renewal. The renew grace period lasts as long as 30 to 45 days after the domain has expired. Your website visitors won’t be able to visit your site during this time. Nevertheless, you are free to renew your domain at a normal renewal rate any time during this period.

Renew Grace Period for Different Domain Name Extensions

TLDRenew Grace Period
.EU0 OR 27
CentralNic Domains 136
Donuts Domains 240

4. Redemption Grace Period

The next 30 days after the renewal grace period is the redemption grace period. Renewing your domain during the redemption grace period will cost you regular renewal charges plus a restoration charge, which could cost you around $100.  If you don’t recover the domain by the redemption grace period, it will move on to the pending delete phase. The domain will be queued here for 1 to 5 days, for deletion. After this, the domain is released to the public for re-registration.


It is actually possible to get back your domain even after it has expired. You may renew an expired domain in about 70 to 75 days (there can be slight variations in the number of days with different TLDs) after it stopped working. However, the longer you wait to renew your expired domain, the more expensive it becomes. It is always better to renew your domain before the deadline, to continue using its services without any interruption.

With Veeble, you will be able to register catchy domain names, at a very low rate. You can also enable the option to auto-renew, in that case, a renewal invoice will be automatically generated, and sent to you before your domain gets expired. Additionally, if you have some sufficient credit with Veeble credit balance, then the invoice will get auto paid. In this way, we take care that your domain is renewed at the right time and keep you off from all worries concerning your domain renewal.

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