Is AI Generated Content A Friend Or A Foe To SEO? 

You must be familiar with AI generated text content. It’s all that people even remotely related to the internet can talk about! With the release of ChatGPT, people have a mixed approach towards AI generated content. 

The major question that most people have in their minds is if AI generated content is helpful in ranking better or not? In this article we will answer this question and more. 

What is AI generated content? 

AI content is generated using NLP, that is, natural language processing. To generate your desired content, simply open the AI content generation tool, input your keywords, topic and maybe even the tone in which you want the content to be written in. 

Your content will then be generated according to your specifications. The best thing about it? All this takes merely a few seconds to do! You can have a well written article on any topic of choice within a very short time. 

Why use AI generated content? 

As we already said, you can get content generated within a very short period of time. This means that you can have more content in less time compared to human generated content. 

As an agency, there are three main reasons to use AI generated content in a given scenario. One is that you are short on time. Second, you lack manpower. Third, you do not have enough resources to spend on such manpower. In such cases, it is ideal to go for AI generated content as it is time- efficient, cheap and as the name suggests, artificial.

As a content writer or creator, you can use AI generated content to overcome your writer’s block. You can meet impossible deadlines by publishing AI generated content from time to time. AI generated content is especially helpful when you are short on time and simply do not have the energy to consistently produce well optimized unique content.

How does AI generated content impact SEO? 

There are a few conflicting opinions when it comes to AI generated content and SEO. For some it is an ideal tool to publish high quality content and for others it is simply a generator of spammy content. 

Let’s look at some of the ways AI generated content can impact SEO. 

Firstly, let’s take a look at what Google’s search guidelines tell us on the topic. According to Google, high quality, user- friendly and value- adding content will rank well with no regards to its creation source. Meaning, if an article is generated using AI and it is beneficial for the users, then it will rank well. It is most definitely going to show up in the search results. 

Similarly, if an AI generated article is robotically stuffed with keywords and is created solely with the purpose to rank high, then it is most likely to rank low. This is because it does not fulfill the E-E-A-T criteria. 

A screenshot of ChatGPT in use.
ChatGPT has been helpful in creating valuable content. It is one of the best examples of AI content generation.

Does the content rank well? 

The E-E-A-T criteria was formulated by Google Search Guidelines to help content creators know how to rank well in the search result page. Expertise, experience, authoritativeness and trustworthiness are the major factors that help in ranking well. 

Since AI generated content is tailored to our specifications, it is easier to create content that ranks well.

Is such content SEO friendly? 

The basic idea is to create content that is helpful for the people. Content that will add some form of value to their lives. Such value adding content is boosted by the search engine irrespective of whether it was generated by humans or by AI. As long as these criteria are met, any content is SEO friendly. 

From this we can understand that any good quality content is SEO friendly content. If your article is AI generated, but it is well researched, intelligently formatted, easy to read and not unnaturally optimized then it is SEO friendly. 


AI generated content is clearly not the enemy of SEO. In fact, from what we have learnt so far, for the time being, SEO friendly content is the only one that matches all the search guidelines.

You can use AI content writing tools to optimize your writing or generate full length articles to improve your overall ranking. As long as it is helpful for people AI generate content is a friend to SEO!

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