6 Tips to Find the Best Domain Name for Your Website

Are you trying to find the best domain name and pave the path leading to the success of your business? 

Choosing one such domain name is a big moment for an entrepreneur as it will stick with you throughout all the ups and downs of your journey. The process requires time and effort, which you should give no matter what.

If you hear a name or any noun, a person or an image related to that will pop up in your mind. In the same way, the name of your business will have the same effect on all your customers in your marketplace. So, what about your online identity and promoting your business globally?

A domain name gives your website an online persona, which should make it easier for people to find it by browsing the web.

Selecting a domain name is not as easy as selecting a good name; it needs to be unique, and memorable. On top of all of that it should not be trademarked!

But by following some easy tips and with the service of an experienced domain registrar like Veeble, you can get the perfect domain name for your business. 

Read on to find useful tips to select the best domain name and more about domain names in general.

Importance of Choosing the Right Domain Name

Finding the right domain name takes time and you should put some thought and consideration into it. More effort you put the better!

On average, about 33,000 domain name registrations happen every day! Standing out with a perfect domain name is a must for the success of your business.

The right domain name affects your business in a variety of ways. It can help you build brand authority, to improve your online presence, better marketing of your brand and business, and brings more traffic to your website.

So, don’t go for the first name that comes to your mind. Take some time, to find the perfect domain and domain name for your business that stands out among your competitors.

Also, keep this in your mind; If it wasn’t for domain names, browsing the internet would have been so troublesome. Instead of domain names, people would have to use IP addresses.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

If you’re choosing a domain name for the first time, you will be a little confused by all the complications. That is where our tips will come to your rescue. Read on to find some amazing ideas that will help you find the perfect domain name.

8 Tips to find the perfect domain name

Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming always works and you will be able to come up with some amazing ideas for your domain name. 

Sit with your team and let the creative juices flow. Make sure the names are unique and refreshing. Take note of all viable ideas and select a few names for the final decision-making

Opt for Trusted TLDs

TLDs or Top-Level Domains are the extensions that come after the domain name. The most trusted and popular TLDs include .com, .co, .org, .us .net, .blog, and .io.

If you have a trusted TLD, then the chances of your website getting clicked, linked to, shared, and referred to are higher.

Veeble provides all the major TLDs at a minimal cost!

Keep it Unique

The uniqueness of your website helps you stand out and slim the chances of any legal trouble in the future. They also give you a greater edge while marketing your business.

You can make the domain name unique by giving your business and body of work enough consideration. For eg, a photographer can make an original yet brand-specific domain name by including their name and field; ameliaallenphotography is a personal and unique domain name.

Uncomplicated Name

A domain name that is easy to pronounce and type, while keeping it as original as possible is essential. An uncomplicated name will benefit you while word-of-mouth advertising.

The best option is to find a simple 4 to 6-letter word with a mix of vowel and consonant sounds. For eg, Amazon, eBay, Google, etc. Such names are easier to remember and this will lead to more traffic to your website.

Another thing you need to keep in mind to create an uncomplicated domain name is to avoid hyphens, double-letters, and numbers; which reduces the risk of typos and directs users easily to your website.

Do Thorough Research

A thorough research and analysis of the chosen domain name need to be carried out before domain registration. This research must include the history of the domain name, the possibility of a trademark, and the availability of social media handles.

By understanding the history of the domain name, you can ensure that the name you chose for your website wasn’t used to carry out anything illegal in the past. Wayback Machine is one feature you can use to search the history of over 700 billion web pages.

Social media handles are crucial for user engagement. Check the availability of social media handles in your domain name or some variation. Namecheckr is a tool to help see all available social media handles on different platforms.

Own Multiple Domains

Purchasing multiple domains serve several purposes for a booming business! It will protect your website against user error; purchase common misspellings and alterations of your domain name. 

It will also stop any future occurrences of brand poaching. Brand poaching is a serious problem and it even affects major brands. Protect your business and brand from a competitor poaching your business.

But, this will add costs and responsibilities to your business. If you have enough budget to spare and the capacity to manage the domain names, then you should go for additional domains with alternative spellings and multiple TLDs.

The Best Approach for the Perfect Domain Name

A strong URL and domain name are the perfect way to ensure a good first impression. Start building your brand towards success with the right domain name. Veeble can help you with affordable domain registration and web hosting services. 

Visit our page to find more information about the products and services we offer.

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