7 Best WordPress Plugins for Travel Blogs

7 Best Plusgins For Travel Blogs

If you are a person who is well into globetrotting around the world, chances are you already have a travel blog, where you outline your exotic experience or would love to have one. Either way, these 7 WordPress plugins are must-haves to brighten up and optimize your travel blog. Spread your word far and wide across the Internet!

1. Geo Mashup

What is a travel blog without giving some destination information? Geo Mashup is a plugin that provides a savvy way, to host a map of your travel exploits on your blog. It allows you to load a modifiable map anywhere on your site using the Google Maps API. Now your blog readers can stay up-to-date with your travel destination.

2. Instagram Feed

Instagram is one of the best platforms to share media content like images and videos and gather a fan following. Now get the same power within your site too with the Instagram Feed Plugin! With it you can display photos from your Instagram account(s) on your website. The feeds set up are aesthetically beautiful and simple to use. Increase your social engagement with Instagram fans and blog followers and keep your site content looking fresh!

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3. WP Smush – Image Optimisation

WP Smush is a delightful little plugin that lets you upload as many images as you want to your site without worrying about image size problems and the site becoming slow. It reduces the file size of images without compromising on quality. Use automatic smush to resize, optimize and compress every new image upload without thinking about it.

4. Yoast SEO

An absolute must for any type of blog or website for that matter. Yoast SEO plugin simplifies the SEO process in a jiffy. It’s so much easier with it to optimize each blog post for the keywords you are trying to rank for. With Yoast get your site ranked favorably by search engines through the use of page analysis, XML sitemaps, and many other features.

5. W3 Total Cache

When it comes to website loading time, every second counts. The longer the load time, the lesser your site will rank well with search engines, and also user experience won’t be good. To speed up your website, you would need to optimize your coding and do other technical tweaks which are time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a plugin just for that. W3 Total cache is a bane for those elements of your site that bog down its speed and performance. It can identify and handle these problems for you so that your site loads faster and performs better!

6. Revive Old Post

You have been publishing blog posts regularly and have a ton of older posts that you want to bring up and promote again. So what should you do? Install Revive Old Post plugin for sure! It automatically connects to your social media profiles and promotes older blog posts on your behalf. It can save you time from manually searching for these posts and sharing them on each social media platform. File it under “Tools to work smarter” and thank us later!

7. Add This

Now that you have set up your site and ensured it’s smooth working with these plugins, what more can you do to make your blog bloom? Share and spread the word of course with the AddThis plugin! This plugin installs the share button for the major social media platforms out there. Visitors going through your blog can easily share the content to Social media websites and this in turn would generate more visitors who would further share the content, thus generating traffic to your site in a cost-free way!

There are tons of plugins out there that could serve your purposes. We have found these 7 to be really helpful in addressing the most major needs of a travel blog. If you’d like a fully managed hosting experience without bothering about plugins and other technicalities, consider Managed Web Hosting from Veeble, for an unencumbered pursuit of your blogging creativity!

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