Digital Marketing Tools: 6 Best Paid Tools and Their Free Alternatives

These days marketing relies on tools to improve our campaigns. These tools help us in expressing our ideas and communicate our brand objectives. Marketing today is not only about content and graphics.

It encompasses a variety of concepts and techniques to take things to a whole new level. Digital marketing tools help in increasing the impact of marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Tools: Paid and Free 

  1. Anyword and Bertha AI
  2. Adobe Photoshop and Gimp
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro and InShot
  4. Fontself Maker and FontSpace
  5. Whatagraph and Analisa
  6. Hootsuite and Creator Studio


  • Digital marketing tools are used to increase the effectiveness of the many methods adopted in their campaigns.
  • This article discusses free and paid digital marketing tools. These include tools for copywriting, photo editing, video editing, and more.
  • The paid marketing tools discussed here include Anyword, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Fontself Maker, Whatagraph, and Hootsuite.
  • The free alternatives of these tools are Bertha AI, Gimp, InShot, FontSpace, Analisa, and Creator Studio.

What are digital marketing tools?

Digital marketing tools enhance the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. They can help in increasing conversions and keep track of marketing campaigns in real-time.

With the help of these tools, one can easily optimize content for marketing, create attractive visual marketing images, produce videos for social media, pick the right font for communicating the mood of the copy and keep track of all activities regarding the marketing campaign.

There are both paid and free digital marketing tools out there. Paid tools offer premium services and have advanced features. Whereas, free digital marketing tools help with basic needs and often have only the essential features.

In this article, we will look into the best digital marketing tools and explore both paid and free versions of the same. So let’s get started.

Marketing Tools for Copywriting (AI Copywriting)

Copywriting tools
Copywriting tools make it easy for you to create attention grabbing copy!

AI-powered writing tools are increasing in popularity. They solve common problems like writer’s block and create plagiarism-free content within minutes. Such tools are essential for those working in the digital marketing industry as it can save valuable time. Let’s look into two such copywriting tools. 

1. Anyword (Paid)

Imagine having a clear-cut idea of how well your copy would perform in terms of conversion rates before you publish it. That is exactly what Anyword does for you. It uses intuitive technology to predict how effective your copy will be.

You can know in advance what the possible outcome of your copy would be, helping you create the most profitable campaigns. For Anyword, you get a seven day free trial. After the expiration of the trial period you have to choose a plan. 

2. Bertha AI (Free)

This writing tool uses natural language processing to create unique content in minutes. It requires minimal information from the user’s end. You can install Bertha AI plugin for WordPress as well.

It is available in both paid and free versions. The unpaid version allows you to create 1,000 words in a month.

Marketing Tools for Photo Editing

Photo editing tools making it easy for you to create eye- catching images.

Images have always been a core element of digital marketing campaigns. They offer the easiest ways in which the target audience’s attention can be grabbed. Well edited images therefore, play a huge role in the effectiveness of your campaigns. The two photo editing tools that will be discussed here are Photoshop and Gimp.

1. Adobe Photoshop (Paid)

Adobe Photoshop is the gold standard for image editing. When it comes to marketing you can use Photoshop for cropping your photos, add or remove elements, add a variety of visual effects to the picture and even include text. These are just a few of the things you can do with Photoshop. 

Photoshop is a paid software. You can get a free trial period after which you have to buy the software.

2. Gimp (Free)

Gimp is a free to use software that offers features which can help you edit photos. It stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is an excellent free alternative to Photoshop.

Gimp can be used for marketing purposes, especially because it is for batch processing images and is very flexible. It also has a customizable user interface. Since it is not solely intended for professional use it does not need high system requirements to run well.

Marketing Tools for Video Editing

Make videos to share your vision with the world.

Short videos combined with minimal text are taking over the digital marketing world. It is especially popular for social media ad campaigns because it has the capability to deliver information in a very short time frame. Learn about two of the most popular video editing tools. 

1. Adobe Premiere Pro (Paid)

With Adobe Premiere Pro you can edit videos professionally. You can use the software to even edit commercials or films. The main objective of using the software is to create high resolution videos that are appropriate for a broadcast. 

Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid software. It is ideal to invest in if you want to edit videos for the best quality.

2. InShot (Free)

The most highlighted feature of this video editing tool is that you can use it on your phone and share videos on social media. It is easy to use and beginner friendly. InShot is mainly used for social media friendly videos that can be easily uploaded and shared. 

InShot is a free to use video editing tool. If you want to experience advanced features you have to use the paid version.

Marketing Tools for Typography

Write the way you want with typography tools!

Getting the perfect font for your text can be difficult sometimes. Yet, it makes all the difference! Fonts can communicate the mood of your text very easily. This is why it is important to get it right. Here are two amazing tools that will help you achieve the font you’re looking for.

1. Fontself Maker (Paid)

Fontself Maker is a paid Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop extension that allows you to create your own fonts. If you have had trouble finding the perfect font for your text and wished to make one for yourself, then this is the tool for you!

It has a drag and drop function which can help you create fonts easily. If you are a professional graphic designer then this is a great tool to invest in.

2. FontSpace (Free)

FontSpace is a website that allows you to download 90,000+ fonts for free. Simply type in your text and see what it will look like using different fonts. You can click the download button when you find the right one.

FontSpace is the ideal place to go if you want to experiment with different fonts for your text.

Marketing Tools for Analytics 

Keep an eye on your campaigns with analytics tools.

Now that you have the right tools for your next digital marketing campaign, let’s look at the tools that will help you analyze your marketing strategy. Marketing analytics tools help you track and predict results. It is incredibly helpful in crafting your marketing strategies.

1. Whatagraph (Paid)

Whatagraph helps you create reports from your data source. It can be overwhelming to sort through all the data and organize it in a comprehensible format. Whatagraph creates functional reports that can be easily customized.

It is a paid tool and you can try it for free for 7 days.

2. Analisa (Free) uses AI to provide businesses with Instagram and TikTok analytics. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this tool as it is free to use and easy to understand. 

You simply need to enter an Instagram or TikTok profile or hashtag. It gives you an analysis for it. The free version provides a basic analysis and the paid version can offer you advanced analytics.

Marketing Tools for Social Media Management

Manage all your campaigns easily with social media management tools.

To keep track of your digital marketing campaigns it is recommended to use the best tools out there. It can be difficult to manage all your campaigns and keep up to date with your plans. To tackle this issue try using the following tools and track all your campaigns with ease.

1. Hootsuite (Paid)

Hootsuite can easily manage social media channels by allowing you to view multiple streams at once. This makes it easier to monitor your campaigns. Track your campaigns and post updates with Hootsuite. You can also read comments, post updates and schedule upcoming posts.

Hootsuite is a paid tool. You can try the plans for free for 30 days.

2. Creator Studio (Free)

Creator Studio is a free Facebook dashboard used by social media marketers and content creators to manage their accounts on Facebook and Instagram.  You can easily analyze, plan and manage your social media marketing campaigns with this tool. 

Those accounts that are eligible for monetization will be helped by forming partnerships between influencers and brands.


Marketing has evolved over the years and therefore has techniques used to ace it. Digital Marketing tools help you achieve the quality in your campaigns that captures the attention of your audience and yields great results. 

The tools discussed here are both ideal for creating content for marketing and also for analyzing your campaigns. We hope these tools will help you plan your next big marketing campaign. 
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