This article is particularly for non-critical sites, where the traffic is minimum and few/no mail accounts are present. Simple HTML/PHP/Wordpress sites comes under this category.

Before Migration

1. Make sure you have the necessary credentials of both the servers. This article assumes that you have the root logins of both the source and destination server.

2. Check for SSL certificates in the source server. While doing cpanel migrations, SSL might not get copied over. verify the domains which have SSL, prior to the xfer and move the accounts accordingly. Default xfers won’t copy SSL certs, they need to be selected separately.

3. Check the disk usages in the source and destination as much as you can.

4. Prior to migration, you should check both the server configuration. PHP MySQL versions should be checked as mandatory and should make the configurations as matching as possible. If PHP4 is available in source server, recompile PHP in destination to enable PHP4 as well. Also check the PHP modules and apache modules in source and destination. Check if PHP is running as DSO/suPHP on the server.

5. Randomly check some domains if they are loading correctly.

6. Check for available free IP’s on the new server because for e.g. If the Old Server accounts use 6 IPS and the new server has only 4 then transfers will begin to fail once all the IP’s are used up. If Additional IP’s are required, order the IP’s and wait till they are added.

Migrate domains

1. Login to the WHM of the destination server.

2. Go to WHM >> Transfers >> Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server.

3. This documentation will help you to proceed through the migration.

4. Click on Copy.

WHM will start migration of the accounts from the old server to the new server and the time taken for this process depends upon the size of the data being transferred.

TIP: You can also select multiple reseller packages and accounts but for large reseller accounts with more than 4 GB of data, it is strongly recommended that you transfer 1 reseller’s account at a time.

5. Upon successful completion a log report is displayed.

TIP: Please do not press the BACK button during any stage of the transfer process.

After Migration

1. Crosscheck and confirm that all the domains are migrated. You may check this via WHM >> Account Information >> List Accounts.

2. At the registrar’s end, change the nameservers of the domains to the nameservers of the veeble (destination) VPS. Normally the DNS propagation time may take 24 to 48 hours to be in effect.