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Configure Blackberry mail client

You can configure mail accounts in the BlackBerry following the steps given below.

1. Select the E-mail Settings icon on your BlackBerry.

If the icon is not visible, select the BlackBerry icon next to the green call icon on your phone, and select “Show All.” This will allow you to see all of your BlackBerry icons.

2. When you reach the email setup screen of the setup wizard, select I want to create or add an email address.

3. The screen will explain the BlackBerry is going to open a web page to continue the configuration. Click Next.

4. To accept the terms of the license agreement, select the I have read and understand the End User Agreement option or check box. Click I Agree.

5. Enter your full email address and the password for that email account.

6. Click Next. The site will confirm if the email address has been successfully added. Then click OK.

View an interactive demo from the official BlackBerry URL given here.

In some cases, you may need to allow all the blackberry CIDR range IP addresses (listed below) in the server firewall.

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