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How it Works

How it Works


Signup for Veeble Affiliate Program.
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Share your unique referral link & discount coupon to your friends & family.


Get paid when a purchase is made using your link or discount coupon.

Commission Tiers

Commission rates are based on number of qualifying purchases made by your referrals.

Legend Icon

1 - 5 Sales


  • Unique Referral Link
  • Generate Coupons
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • NEFT/UPI Payouts

Challenger Icon

6 - 20 Sales


  • Unique Referral Link
  • Generate Coupons
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • NEFT/UPI Payouts

Master Icon

21 - 100 Sales


  • Unique Referral Link
  • Generate Coupons
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • NEFT/UPI Payouts

Champion Icon

100+ Sales


  • Unique Referral Link
  • Generate Coupons
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • NEFT/UPI Payouts


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How to make the most out of the Veeble affiliate program?

Here is a pro tip to get the most out of the Veeble affiliate program. Before you start building leads, Identify your target audience. Who are your customers? where to find them? And what are their buying behaviours? Watch Video to know more.

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There are many great reasons to refer us.

High Earnings

Earn up to ₹1000 commission for each qualifying purchase made by your referral. The minimum commission amount for a referred sale is ₹50

365 Days Cookie Lifetime!

Veeble offers you 365 days cookie life which means you’ll have better chances of earning from people who make purchases using your links even after a long duration.

Create Promo Coupons

Create Coupons of exclusive offers that are not available on our website & distribute to your friends. You get commission when your coupons are applied on the purchases.

NO Monthly Sales Count!

All your referral sales are accounted and you are upgraded to the next commission tier automatically. Unlike other providers we dont impose any monthly sales requirement.

Quick & Easy Payouts

Withdraw your earnings through NEFT (Bank transfer). Payouts are processed in 3 working days!

Signup Bonus

Get ₹250 as one time signup bonus when you join the Affiliate program.

Dedicated Support

Our affiliate specialists are committed to helping you succeed. For questions about the program, general support, or advice on how to succeed as an affiliate, please contact us at:

Flexible Payment Methods

Your referrals can purchase hosting with 9 Indian payment options. View accepted payment options here.

Wide Range of Services

You can sell wide range of services including Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, Linux & Windows RDP VPS, Shared & Reseller Web Hosting, SSL Certificates & Windows Hosting.

Track your Earnings

You have the full statistics of your referrals and earnings in your Affiliate dashboard.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join Affiliate program?
It is simple, Sign Up to Veeble Affiliate Program here. However, if you already have a Veeble Client Zone account, you may log in to activate the Affiliate account.
2. Where shall I promote Veeble?
You may promote Veeble through social media, websites, blogs, forums, email marketing etc.
3. Which all services can I promote?
You may promote the entire range of services offered by us, however there are some services such as domain purchase/transfer, licenses & addon purchases for which you will not earn the commission.
4. Is there any expiry for the cookie and coupons?
The cookies get expired in 365 days, however the coupons do not have any expiry date and can be used until the service plan expires on our website. You can generate fresh coupon codes if the plan expires.
5. Is it free? Any documents needed?
The program is completely free of charges. You need to provide us with your complete address and phone number in order to process the withdrawals.
6. What is the commision structure?
The payout commission structure is as following:

No. of Orders Tier Name Commission
1-5 Legend 10%
6-20 Challenger 15%
21-100 Master 20%
100+ Champion 25%
For eg. if you are in Master Tier, a customer referred by you paid ₹2000 on purchase of a hosting service, as per the above commission structure you earn ₹400.
7. Is there any maximum limit for my earnings?
The program has no limits on the number of customers you can refer or total money you can make. However you can earn only a maximum of ₹1000 per sales/order referred by you. For eg. if you are in Master Tier, a customer referred by you paid ₹10000 on purchase of a hosting service, as per the above limits you earn ₹1000 as commission on that sale.
8. How can I withdraw my earnings?
You can request for payout through Bank Transfer(NEFT). The withdrawal is processed in 3 working days.
9. Is there any minimum withdrawal balance and hold period?
The minimum withdrawal amount for payout as money is 1500 INR. However for payout as credit, the minimum amount is 750 INR. The hold period is 20 days.
10. What is meant by the hold period?
The hold period is the commission maturity period. Suppose your referral made a purchase, the eligible commission will be kept on hold for 20 days & will be available to withdraw only if the order made by your referral stays active for atleast 20 days.
11. Can I use the money to pay Veeble services/invoices?
Yes, you can request to withdraw as credit. And upon withdrawal, you can use this credit for invoice payments. The minimum withdrawal amount to withdraw as credit is 750 INR.
12. Is there any minimum number of sales/orders required to process first withdrawal?
Yes, you need to have atleast 3 referred sales/orders to get your first withdrawal. In addition to this, you should have a minimum withdrawal balance of 1500 INR to request the withdrawal.
13. Will I earn for the renewal of service by my referral?
No, all earnings are by default one time which is for the first invoice paid by your referral customer on his order.
14. Where can I find the Terms of Service for the Affiliate program?
The TOS is available here

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