Usually when you open the cPanel dashboard, and open the file manager option under files, you will get a pop up which will have an option to show Hidden files, but some times the pop up may not show up. By following the steps below, you will be able to list hidden files in the file manager.

1. You need to login to the cPanel dashboard first.
2. Under the files category, CLICK on File manager.
3. Then a pop up comes up, as i mentioned earlier, be sure that you check the option Show hidden files.
4. Click on GO, that will take you the file manager showing regular files as well as hidden files.

Note: Well if you are not welcomed by a pop up box, you can enable it by choosing the option “Reset all interface settings”. That option can be found at the bottom of you cPanel dashboard.





Great!! that will do, now you will be able to access the hidden files.