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What Is Linux cPanel Hosting and Its Benefits?

This is a very common question for the website owners, which web hosting option to choose from and which will be the best for their site and business? Different opinions can be heard from the experts in this case. When some people vouch for the windows web hosting, on the other hand, most of the people choose the Linux as their preferred hosting method. You can choose any of these two web-hosting plans to launch your website on the world of internet, but if you want to save a few bucks, then Linux web hosting is the best bet for you.

Linux is probably the best for the business because you can get cheap managed VPS with cpanel. As Linux is an open source program, thus the cost of hosting will be far less in comparison to windows hosting services.  However, that is not all rather there are more benefits of Linux hosting that can be unraveled easily by anyone.

What is cPanel web hosting?

You may have heard the word cPanel web hosting, but do you know what does it mean? Let’s dig in detail. The cPanel is the control panel, which is used for web hosting in Linux. This panel provides a better graphical interface and also different kinds of automation tools that can make your web hosting easier and faster as well. The best feature of cPanel is its three-tier structure, which enables the administrator, reseller and the end user to control the different aspects of the website through a normal web browser.

The benefits of Linux cPanel web hosting

Not only with a managed SSD Cpanel VPS you can get cost-effective means of hosting your site, but there are also many benefits that can be gained. Let’s check out few of them here.

  • Easy graphical interface: one of the main benefits of cPanel is its easy yet versatile interface. Ad hoc works can be easily done with the help of this panel, which otherwise demands, a lot of knowledge and expertise of hosting servers. Its graphic icons can help you to understand and accomplish the tasks of monitoring the logs to running the files in the site easily.
  • Managing email accounts and sub domains: cPanel is also beneficial for maintaining your email accounts and also different subdomains With the  Unlimited cPanel Web Hosting , you can get not only numerous email accounts and subdomains, but you can also maintain them easily as an end user, even when you have less knowledge about the web hosting.
  • Plug-ins installation: when you have to add several plug-ins in your website, then you either need to take the help of the expert or get in touch with the web hosting However, when you choose managed SSD cPanel VPS, it is become a piece of cake to integrate different types of plug-ins in your website easily.

Constant update: cPanel has the ability to update and maintain the site constantly. With the regular updates, it becomes easier to control the bugs and spam too. Also, cPanel works automatically to keep your server stable.

Nebu John Thaliyath

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