Tips for Choosing the Right Web Host

Before going online with your new business product or service, one of the most crucial decisions you make is choosing the right web hosting service and the tempting packages they offer. To help you in your decision making process we highlight some crucial points in the following post.

Find a plan tailored as per your needs:

For choosing a proper web host plan, you must know on what platform you are developing your website and for what purpose you are setting up your website. For example, if your website is developed using Microsoft technologies, you must buy windows vps hosting plan and if site is developed using open source technologies like PHP then you need to buy linux vps. If you plan to build a website for blogging purpose that brings in daily visitors then you can opt for linux server, depending upon number of visitors you can go for shared or vps server. Shared hosting is fastest way to put your website live.

Services provided by the Web Hosting Company:

It’s important to check what services are provided by hosting provider. We have listed down few services that will help you select best hosting provider.

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Chat Support
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Feature to Upgrade or Downgrade Hosting Plan

Server Reliability and Uptime

The reliability and uptime play a crucial role in selection of the correct web host. A few minutes downtime per day can lead to revenue loss if you have a very active website. Host should provide at least 99% uptime grantee to ensure your website runs 24 hours a day.

Pay the Right Price:

Opting for a cheapest offer is definitely not a good idea, one must decide whether the plan he is opting for provides all required features. Many small businesses opt for a shared hosting to save money, but lower price impacts website performance as shared servers are slow on performance when compared to VPS servers. Simply jot down various features offered by various plans and decide which plan offers features as per your requirement.


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