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Manage your VPS from an Android or iOS device

Now manage your Veeble VPS on the move from your android or iOS device. Here is how you can do it. Just follow these simple steps.

Android users

Step 1

Download the ‘asolusvm’ app to your android device. You can get it from here.

Step 2

Run the app. Open the menu and click on ‘Add server’

Step 3

Go to and log in using your Veeble username and password. Click on the ‘Manage’ button of the VPS you wish to add. Select the ‘API’ tab.

Step 4

Click on ‘Generate’ button to generate the API Key and API Hash.

Step 5

Return to the app. Give any name as display name for the server. For host use “”. Then insert the API key and API hash generated in step 4 in the respective text boxes.

Step 6

Click ‘Save’. Now the app will obtain the server IP and will connect to the server. Once the process is over the status of the server will be displayed. Green icon shows that the server is online.


Step 7

Click on the server display name and you will get options to boot,reboot or shutdown the server.

Like wise you can add any number of VPSs to this app and check the live status. The app is compatible with almost all kind of android devices.

iOS users

Iphone users can use the iphone version of this app named ‘isolusvm’. You can download it from the appstore and follow the same procedure shown above. The app is compatible with iphone, ipod touch and ipad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


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