Why is Linux reseller hosting more in demand than windows reseller hosting?

Reseller web hosting which is gaining quite an amount of popularity among business owners is a method through which a hosting company rents out its bandwidth, memory space, hard drive, etc. to one or more companies or businesses, ranging from small to mid-sized, who in turn rents it out to even smaller companies. Large company like Google also deal with reseller hosting.

There are a lot of reasons behind why the linux reseller hosting services is more popular than the windows reseller hosting services. A few such reasons have been listed below:

  1. Price: The Linux reseller plans and packages are of a comparatively low cost than other reseller hosting plan tariffs.
  2. A control panel with no complications: For a reseller hosting business to work smoothly it may be necessary for them to be able to check and manage multiple clients, as a result, a neat and uncomplicated dashboard is the most important thing.
  3. A wide range of programming language support: One of the major reasons why Linux reseller hosting is more popular is because it supports numerous types of coding languages. Even the Windows reseller hosting does not have this advantage of supporting diverse programming languages. Linux has this advantage of presenting users and the business owners with a lot of choices to pick a programming language from, and as a result, is definitely more popular.
  4. Easy access: Both Linux, as well as Windows, provides with FTP access but then the Linux on its own has a number of advanced options relative to reseller hosting services. These advanced options are either absent or just very tough to find on Windows. For example, advanced options like VNC, Telnet, SSH, etc. are exclusive to the Linux reseller hosting service.
  5. Concrete security: Linux reseller hosting is the most preferred choice  when the user doesn’t want any unauthorized access to personal data information, whereas both the security and the performance of Windows reseller hosting is not as good as that of Linux.

However, no matter what, while comparing the Windows reseller hosting service with that of Linux reseller hosting services, it usually comes down to the intended use or the motive of use of the servers.

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