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Veeble KVM servers FAQ

Here are some basic things you need to know about Veeble KVM servers. Everything said in laymans language without any technical jargons.

What is KVM?

KVM is simply Kernel based virtual machine. To be technical, KVM is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions. People often misunderstand it as keyboard, video, mouse, but that stands for kvm switch which is a device used to control multiple computers.

Now what is full virtualization?

In full virtualization, the entire hardware is completely simulated. Which means every guest/vps will have its own CPU, RAM, Network card, Sound card, Video card, PCI, watch dog timer and input devices. The end result is that the guest OS could be run without any modification.

How is KVM Hypervisor basically different from other linux hypervisors?

KVM hypervisor is unique. It is not an external hypervisor. While other hypervisors have created portions of OS kernel, the KVM hypervisor has turned the linux kernel itself in to a hypervisor. Hence it has full control on sockets and processes.

Is there any specific advantage in using KVM servers?

1. Full VNC access

In KVM you will get the VNC access even during the time of installation. Which means you can use it just like a physical machine and install the guest OS yourself, the way you want with custom swap space, custom partitions and other installation options. You can even use a live cd.

2. Use any guest OS

KVM guest supports almost all operating systems. You can choose any linux, unix or windows guests. It also supports Android. And with Veeble you can load your own ISO as well.

3. Custom kernel modules

Ever wanted custom kernel modules in your VPS? Now here is the solution. KVM servers allows you to load custom kernel modules

Can one access the vps graphically?

Yes! If you are not a command line expert, just install a GNOME or KDE or any other desktop environment and use it just it like your desktop through VNC. You can also opt for lightweight desktop managers like XFCE, LXDE etc.

How much RAM I require?

It depends on the guest OS you use. It is advised that you have a look at the system requirements of the OS which you wish to install before buying the VPS.

Can I Install a different OS later?

Yes! you can choose form a list of OSs provided by us and install it from the control panel itself with out our intervention.

Is it possible to over sell KVM VPS?

At Veeble we dont oversell any kind of VPS in any case. Still for your info, in KVM the memory and disk space are not shared. Every virtual machine is truely isolated from each other and operates as independent servers. Hence not even a possiblity of overselling exists.

Why choose Veeble KVM servers?

  • As always “secure reliable and radiant”.

From Veeble what you get is absolutely stable and reliable VPSs at really affordable prices. An efficient customer support team ready to help you 24×7.

  • Build your VPS

With veeble you get the option to build your VPS with custom resources. Also you can install/re-install the VPS yourself anytime.

  • Pay for what you need

You pay for what you need only. Don’t get forced to buy resources which you really don’t require but, make your own plans!. Here is a screenshot of the Veeble KVM server order form.

KVM Order page screen


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  • I think I should try KVM for my server and see what I got there, especially using it physically as a desktop, lol. Don’t blame me I need to see more of server, I am really in love with servers, butt i think I don’t like Xen because I don’t control it the way I control Openvz.