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Introducing VPS Reseller Box from Veeble!



We are much excited to introduce yet another innovative product – VPS Reseller Box, the ultimate VPS package for you.

The VPS Reseller Box from Veeble acts just like a cloud infrastructure. You

Key benefits of the Reseller Box are:

1. Deploy & Delete VPS Anytime

You can deploy Linux and Windows VPS anytime from the control panel using the available resources. You can also delete the VPS without any hassle.

2. Create your own plans and users

You can create user accounts and assign the deployed VPS to these accounts. The users can independently login and manage their VPS through a separate control panel.

3. White-Labeled Control Panel

You will be able to provide a white-labeled control panel to your users. All you need is a domain name and we will assist you with the setup.

4. Linux & Windows Operating Systems

You can deploy VPS with both Linux and Windows Operating Systems (templates readily available in the control panel). There is no separate license charge for Windows Operating Systems.

5. Ideal for Testing purposes

Reseller box makes it easy for you to setup test environments. You can have multiple instances created at the same time, with desired Operating Systems installed and you can destroy them when you are done testing. There will be no extra charge for creating and deleting the servers any number of times!

6. Free 1 Gbps Connectivity

You can avail free 1 Gbps Bandwidth on all VPS deployed. Yup! you heard it right.

It’s easy to create and manage VPSs via our control panel. You can find the tutorials here:

Creating Linux VPS
Creating Windows VPS

Check out the available packages here

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