Why Domain Names Are So Important to your Business?

The domain name is an identification string that gives people access to a website. In simpler terms, it is the name of your website. A domain name is often used in place of an IP address, as it is much easier to promote one’s website using a name than a string of numbers. Domain names that you are buying for your business are registered in the Domain Name System (DNS) and abide by the rules and regulations set by it. Once a name is registered in the DNS, the registering company has complete autonomy over the name on the internet.

Why is a unique Domain Name important?

Whilst it is commonly mistaken to be similar to an URL it is not an URL, but rather a part of an URL. It can be a combination of numbers and digits and is paired with name extensions such as .org, .com, .net, and many more. A name is like your phone number and your identity all in one place, this is how your targeted customers can find you on the internet. Thus choosing a name is important because it lends a lot of credibility to your business. It often sends a subtle message that you are serious about your business to the tech enthusiastic generation. It shows you are thinking forward to the future and gives you an edge over businesses that do not have a website of their own.

How to choose a unique Domain Name for your business?

There are a lot of things to consider while putting up a domain name. For example, you might have to choose a name that hints at the services you provide or a domain name with your actual company name. While having a name that matches your company name might help build up the image of your brand, having a domain name that explains the services you provide might help with finding more customers in the initial stage. If you are someone who employs in-house builders in a particular area then a domain name of the structure <inhouseplumbers(mention area name)>.<domain extension> might help you get more clients than a name <abcplumbers>.<domain extension>. This is because customers are more likely to type in their necessities in search engines than type in a company name. While one is considering the above-mentioned factors, one also has to keep in mind that Google uses certain algorithms to optimize their search results pages thus one needs to use certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) words to stay on top of the results.

Thus you need to create a similar domain and company name for yourself whilst considering the keywords necessary. This will help you build up your brand image while facilitating clients to reach you for business. It also important to build up your image because often, a lot of online businesses require full payment from customers before service is provided. This requires the customers to submit details of their bank accounts or online wallets. With the numerous cyber crimes and frauds going on around us, customers rarely would trust a company that does not have much of a brand name with such details.

There are certainly smaller details one needs to keep in mind while choosing a good domain name. Such as:

  • Not choosing a very lengthy name
  • Avoiding the use of hyphens, colons, and other special characters.
  • Using a pronounceable and easy to spell

However, if you are starting something unique and wish to build up your own brand name without other businesses feeding off a similar name, you can always use a very unique name, such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and so on. Using a proper domain extension is also important and shouldn’t be ignored. One should always aim for a dot-com extension while registering for a profit-making company. The dot-com extension adds credibility to a website like none else.

A domain name can make or break your website, so get creative and consider a lot of different options before finalizing on one particular name.

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