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How to earn money by reseller plans?

Reseller plans hold a good earning potential if done properly. It is a new trend that is far less complicated than Web hosting. Here you rent from proper hosting sites and have your own customers. You have the liberty to choose the types of services for your customer. With proper reseller plans, you can make good six-figure money from it. Here are some tips on how to go about with that plan.

Do not compromise on the brand of your Web host

Make sure you choose the right Web host to start your reselling plans. The company should be a trusted one and should have experience in the business. You do not want to suffer the consequences of the lack of efficiency of your Web host. Go with the big names like Go Daddy to ensure a safe deal for yourself.

Choose what services you want to provide to your clients

To make money by providing affordable reseller plans, you need to know what services your clients need. Make plans accordingly. Make sure the quality of the services they need is the finest in the market. You can keep adding services with average efficiency to keep the funds balanced. However, comprising the efficiency of the services in demand can be risky.

Have an Excellent customer service

Besides giving exceptional services to your clients, make sure you give them excellent customer service too. In order to reach out to every grievance your customers have, you should maintain a proper and efficient team to handle it. If somehow, you are not able to afford to have a team you can again sign a deal with companies offering to do so for you. Plan according to your convenience and resources.

Overselling is a big no-no

Take care that you do not indulge in overselling your plans. Keep them crisp and affordable, both for your clients and yourself. Proving too many plans to your clients can be a risk. If they end up using all of it, you might have trouble with your funds.


Making wise plans is the key to success in the reseller plan business. Cater to the needs and queries of your clients, and try to convert them into long-term contracts to get fixed revenue from them. Attract new customers with offers and discounts. With proper service and reliable plans, making money out of reseller plans will be easy.

Nisanth Issac

Nisanth Issac is a strategic Marketing Ninja at Veeble SoftTech. He loves to make customers pause, smile and click. He is passionate about providing the best online marketing solutions. He specializes in Digital Marketing, specifically in social media, SEO and online strategy.

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