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Choose the perfect domain name for your website

Choosing a domain name for your website can be tough. Registering the domain name of your website in alignment with its niche can be a significant factor between its success and failure. It is the name by which your website will be presented on the Internet.

One should be extremely cautious while hovering over hundreds of options and choose the one which fits perfectly with the business or niche.

Here are some points you must keep in mind while selecting a domain name for your website.

The Domain name should be in sync with the purpose of the website

It is advisable to think of a domain name such that the name itself defines the purpose of the website or gives an idea of the services offered on your website. For example, if your website provides students to give mock tests for some entrance exams to assess themselves, you can give a name like ‘mock exam’ or specify the exam name. This helps the target audience to locate your website faster. You could also incorporate the keywords into the domain name.

Try avoiding short forms

It is not a healthy practice to use short forms in your domain name. Although, as millennial trends, it might seem to be cool to use short forms it is a complete no-no. It makes it tougher for users to find your website. Keeping it short and simple is the trick to choosing a perfect domain name.

Keep it catchy

The Domain name must be catchy enough to grab more eyeballs. It should strike a chord amongst the users and also be meaningful enough. However, while making it catchy, try not to use digits or any random characters. Make it fun and more appealing.

Think about domain name extension too

While choosing a domain name, you should also give thought to the domain extension you use. This should again be in sync with the domain name. Try using common ones like .org or .co, so that users can keep them in the mind. Try not to be creative with the domain extension.

The Domain name is as important as the services provided by your website. If your website fails to attract users, it won’t run for long. If you have a basic idea of how search engine optimization works, you will understand why you need to keep the points above in mind while choosing a domain name for your website.

Nebu John Thaliyath

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